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Looking Ahead : Thunder King Rai-Oh

After looking through the rest of the Crossroads of Chaos OCG Spoiler I couldn't find anything that warranted an article (except for Plaguespreader Zombie, but it was recently featured on FeckinYuGiOh so I'm not gonna bother). Outside of CSOC there are still quite a few things set for release in the coming months and one card has been gathering a lot of attention amongst certain players..

Thunder King Rai-Oh
Level 4
Cards can only be added to a player's hand by drawing them from the Deck. If your opponent Special Summons a monster, you can send this face-up card to the Graveyard to negate the Special Summon and destroy that monster.

This card was quite popular in Japan for a while as part fo the 'stun' deck, a Gadget-like control deck that stopped your opponent from doing anything. The deck consisted of playsets of various anti-meta cards such as Doomcaliber Knight, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo, Royal Oppression and this guy. All of these cards are currently available in the TCG (although Doomcaliber Knight is a $1,000 Shonen Jump prize card) and Thunderking will join them around November when the second volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Manga is released.

In the current Yu-Gi-Oh! environment, Thunderking will help players who want to take down T-DaD and Gladiator Beasts. The first effect is simple enough, people can only draw cards, which makes searchers like Reinforcement of the Army, Gladiator Proving Ground and Sangan useless. It also shuts down part of the Lightsworn strategy by preventing them from getting back milled copies of Judgment Dragon.

The second effect is the more popular one though. When your opponent Special Summons a monster, any monster at all, you can tribute this card to negate the summon and destroy the monster. That shuts down (or at the very least, disrupts) pretty much all of the top decks in the current format. The fact that it negates summons also prevents Stardust Dragon from protecting the targeted monster. Against Gladiator Beasts it can pose quite a threat if played early. Most GB decks cannot run over a 1900 monster without playing Gyzarus, Murmillo or Laquari which all need to be Special Summonned, which Thunderking can stop anyways. T-DaD players will be forced to play around the card, 'baiting' it with a Special Summon that could appear to be a threat, only to start summonning other things once it's gone. Lightsworn players could be forced to 'waste' an Honest on this card before dropping a Judgment Dragon later on. Either way, this card forces 'Tier 1' players to take action and if it's backed up by other means of anti-meta protection, then things get tricky quite fast.

This card will see play in the future, how much play will depend on what strategies people come up with to take down the big guns.


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