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Mini-Report: Local Tournament, Cork

Standings (Swiss):
1st: [5-0] PJ Tierney
2nd: [4-1] Seamus A.
(Oppression Gadgets)
3rd: [4-1] Seàn L.
(Crystal Beasts)
4th: [3-2] Thomas S.
(Classic Dark Armed Dragon)
5th: [3-2] Brian A.
6th: [3-2] Kevin W.
(Old-Skool Beatdown)
7th: [3-2] Mark S.
(Oppression Control)
8th: [3-2] Michael M.

Playoff Results:
PJ Tierney [defeated] Michael M.
Seamus A. [defeated] Mark S.
Thomas S. [defeated] Brian A.
Kevin W. [defeated] Seàn L.
PJ Tierney [defeated] Thomas S.
Kevin W. [defeated] Seamus A.
PJ Tierney [defeated] Kevin W.

14/9/2008 : Locals (Cork, Ireland) : Final from PJ Tierney on Vimeo.

It took a while for the deck to get going, and I just barely won the first round of the tournament, winning on 'time'. After that I played against Macro Cosmos, and the deck started to kick off again. I then proceeded to top swiss and win the overall tournament.

Changes from Saturday to the deck:
-1 Armageddon Knight (to 0)
+1 Destiny Hero - Doom Lord (to 2)

The second Doom lord helped out a bit, giving me more options while also making my Destiny Draws less redundant. The deck still needs more dead-draw solutions for the late-game though, as 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast is not enough. Other than that, the deck is fine.

In the finals (video above) I made a bit of a misplay in Game 2 (Turn 2). I should have kept the first Destiny Hero - Malicious in the grave before discarding the second one to Dark Grepher's effect. If I did that I would have been able to bring out Dark Armed Dragon earlier, but in the end, it didn't matter. I'm still learning all the ins and outs of the deck at the moment, so hopefully these minor misplays will be ironed out soon.

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