Mini-Report: Local Tournament, Limerick | The Irish Duelist

Mini-Report: Local Tournament, Limerick


1st: [4-0] PJ Tierney
(Teleport Dark Armed, "T-DaD")
2nd: [3-1] Stephen R.
(Classic Monarchs)
3rd: [3-1] Kieran D.
(Gladiator Beasts, "GB")
4th: [3-1] Evan B.
(Macro Monarchs)


This was my second week of running T-DaD and I'm learning more about the deck now, what fits and what doesn't. I'll post up this weekends build tomorrow hopefully but I will make a few comments on it right now. First off, unless you're running Necro Guardnas (I side mine instead) Armageddon Knight is a dead card. Outside of a possible Destiny Hero - Malicious dump, it's not that great. I'll probably take it out for a second Destiny Hero - Doom Lord, which will also make my Destiny Draws less dead in the late-game. Other than that, the deck is as you'd expect, explosive in the early-game, and if it works as planned, wins within 3-4 turns.

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