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Tech Time : Enemy Controller

This week, I'll be looking at a card that I've always liked to squeeze into my decks at some stage: Enemy Controller. Enemy Controller can be one of the most versatile cards in the game and in the current format, which is incredibly battle-focused, it can act as a swiss-army knife capable of getting you out of situations that you wouldn't normally have 'outs' to.

The reason for this card's versatility lies in that little icon beside the words 'spell card'. Yep, this card's a quickplay, meaning it can be used at almost any time while not having all the weaknesses that trap cards do.

The first effect is pretty straightforward, it can either block an attack or make an opposing monster easier to run over. Also, turning a monster to Defence position will virtually guarantee that your Gladiator Beasts can 'tag out' and get their engine going.

The second effect is where the swiss-army knife references come from (I call it the 'Sac-Swipe' as I sacrafice my monster to swipe theirs for the turn). Depending on the decks that are being played and the skill level of the players involved, Enemy Controller can make some amazing plays with the Sac-Swipe. The following scenario came up when I was testing out 2 decks (Gladiator Beasts and Teleport Dark Armed) last night:

My field: Empty
My LP: 5,100
My hand: Elemental Hero Prisma, Enemy Controller, Torrential Tribute

Opponent's field: Dark Armed Dragon, Stardust Dragon, Armageddon Knight
Opponent's LP: 8,000
Opponent's hand: Empty

It was my turn, and I just drew the Prisma. Normally, I'd play it safe and just set the Controller/Torrential, but since I had the Prisma, I could make a very elaborate play that would get be back into the game. I summoned Prisma, revealed Sanwich (for the first time in 4 months too, it was funny) and sent Sangan to the Grave. I then ran over the Armageddon Knight to get rid of it. At this point Enemy Controller turned the entire game around. I played it right after the Prisma/AK battle (still in the Battle Phase), Sac-Swiped his Dark Armed and ran over the Stardust. In Main Phase 2 I then removed the Sangan in my grave (I had no other Dark monsters in there) to kill the Dark Armed. Finally I set the Torrential, leaving me in quite a safe position, one which was a lot better than I was in at the start of the turn.

A play like that would not have been possible with any other card in the game, and it's these kind of elaborate, unusual plays that can win the tightest of games and mount comebacks that would have been near-impossible otherwise. So next time you have a spare slot in your deck, give Enemy Controller some consideration, you might be surprised at its potential.

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