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Tech Time : Wall of Illusion

This week I'm going to talk about a card that doesn't get a lot of play (in fact, I haven't seen ANYBODY other than myself run this card outside of kids with random decks) but is still quite a useful card.

Looking at Wall of Illusion, it may seem like a weaker version of Legendary Jujitsu Master, but the drawbacks of this card compared to 'Juju' are more than balanced out by its positive aspects.

For a start, it's Dark and has 1,000 ATK, meaning it's CCV/Allure/DaD bait which almost immediately makes this card a better option in T-DaD side-decks. Whenever I was playing 'Juju' and seeing it get hit by a bigger monster I always wondered if CCV would have been a great help in whatever situation I was in. Now that I side Walls instead I have that option of Crushing my monster when it's threatened.

The other advantage of the card is that it 'bounces' the monster while in attack position. A simple Enemy Controller often make Legendary Jujitsu Master useless but that doesn't apply here. No matter how your opponent attacks this they're losing their monster which is exactly what you want to do. When this (or Juju) hits the field the opponent will often do one of 2 things: stall out, summonning a few monsters to rush you once the blocker is gone, or use whatever they have to get rid of the thing as quickly as possible. If you can force them to make plays they don't want to make, then you can take advantage later on.

The one downside of this card compared to Juju though is where the monster battling it goes after the fight. Instead of 'spinning' back to the top of the deck and 'locking your opponent's draw' it gets kicked back to the hand. Regardless, the monster is off the field and that is usually your main aim.

Should you run Wall or Juju? That's up to you, but both have qualities that the other does not possess. Personally, I believe that if you're not running CCV, go with the Jujitsu Master. If you are however, you at least have the option of a Crushable version.


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