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Weekend Reports

Local Tournament : Limerick

Team Event : Standings

1st: [3-0] PJ Tierney/Eoghan M.
(T-DaD/Crystal Beasts)
2nd: [2-1] Alex H./??
(T-DaDless/Random deck)
3rd: [2-1] Kieran D./Calvin W.
(Gladiator Beasts/Corn Monarch)


Hobby League : Cork (Week 1 of 4)

Standings (Swiss)
1st. [4-1] PJ Tierney
2nd. [4-1] Brian A.
(Gladiator Beasts)
3rd. [3-2] Thomas S.
('Classic' Dark Armed Dragon)
4th. [3-2] Seamus A.
(Macro-Oppression Gadgets)
5th. [3-2] Mark S.
6th. [3-2] Alex H.
7th. [3-2] Kenneth W.
(Warrior Toolbox)
8th. [3-2] Seàn L.
(Crystal Beasts)

PJ Tierney [defeated] Seàn L.
Brian A. [defeated] Kenneth W.
Alex H. [defeated] Thomas S.
Seamus A. [defeated] Mark S.

PJ Tierney [defeated] Seamus A.
Alex H [defeated] Brian A.

PJ Tierney [defeated] Alex H.

21/9/2008 : Hobby League (Cork, Ireland) : Final from PJ Tierney on Vimeo.

This week, after a lot of chatting with some people online, I ran T-DaD without Destiny Draws in an attempt to achieve more consistent results with the deck. The Saturday event in Limerick was a Team event so I didn't get any real testing done there, but I did win the Cork event so I must be doing something right. The deck still lost to Gladiator Beasts although it was quite a close game that could have gone either way. Other than that, it did quite well and performed a lot better than the Destiny Draw build.

Necro Guardnas were always useful and pretty muchy saved me in the semis against that Oppression Macro deck. Macro's a bad matchup for T-DaD, as is Oppression, but facing BOTH at the same time? That's auto-loss right there. I lost the first game (as expected) and decided to take a risk by siding out FOURTEEN cards. I sided OUT my DaDs, CCV, Teleports, Krebons and a whole bunch of other stuff in order to make his deck completely useless against mine. When he attacked into my Wall of Illusion he literally FROZE and had no outs for something like 20 turns. I just stalled until I could clear his backrow with Dusts/MST and ran over him for game. Game 3 was more of the same but I got an early Mobius the Frost Monarch and proceeded to win the match despite the almost impossible odds placed upon me.

The finals is in the video above and I think I played it pretty well. Alex did make a few misplays here and there though but overall it was a tight game that could have gone either way. The only misplay that I made (that I can think of right now, I'll find more during the week) was not chaining D.D. Crow to Spirit Reaper's discard effect. However, I may not have been able to do that anyway, I'll have to check the rulings on it.

Other than that I'm happy with the weekend, how the deck ran, and how I played.


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