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Weekend Reports

Local Tournament : Limerick

1st: [4-0] PJ Tierney
2nd: [3-1] Kieran W.
(Arcana Synchro)
3rd: [3-1] Kieran D.
(Gladiator Beasts)


Hobby League : Cork (Week 2 of 4)

Standings (Swiss)
1st. [5-0] PJ Tierney
2nd. [4-1] Seamus A.
(Macro-Oppression Gadgets)
3rd. [4-1] Thomas S.
4th. [3-2] Christopher M.
(Fusion Heroes)
5th. [3-2] Mark S.
(Zombie Synchro)
6th. [3-2] Brian A.
(Gladiator Beasts)
7th. [2-2] Mungo H.
(Zombie beatdown)
8th. [2-3] Alex H.

PJ Tierney [defeated] Alex H.
Mungo H. [defeated] Seamus A.
Mark S. [defeated] Christopher M.
Thomas S. [defeated] Brian A.

PJ Tierney [defeated] Mark S.
Thomas S. [defeated] Mungo H.

PJ Tierney [defeated] Thomas S.

28/9/2008 : Hobby League (Cork, Ireland) : Final from PJ Tierney on Vimeo.

I ran the same main deck as last week, card-for-card, and it feels really good now. The deck's a little slower than Destiny Draw variants but it makes up for it by being more reliable in the mid/late game. I tweaked a few things in the side, trying out a few cards like Malevolent Catastrophe (didn't work well), Nobleman of Extermination (fantastic, I removed THREE Solemn Judgments at once during swiss in Cork) and Soul Release (was kinda dead, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer is better). I might main the Kycoo considering I sided it in in 90% of my matches over the weekend.

Regarding the finals video above: I played like an idiot in Game 1, making quite a few bad reads, misplays, procedural errors and the like which would cost me games in bigger events. The one that stands out is probably 'Game 1 - Turn 9' where I misread his face-down card (thought it was Solemn Judgment). It was actually Torrential Tribute, but I retained priority to destroy his set Scapegoat, which was chained along with the Torrential. The goats should have been destroyed aswell but I completely forgot about it and almost paid the price for it when he got out Destiny Hero - Plasma. Despite my horrible play, I still won because he had the worst luck ever, milling 2 Malicious with a third in hand, and milling ALL THREE at once in Game 2. other than that, I'm happy with the way I played this weekend, and the deck is near-perfect for me right now.


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