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The Past and the Present Collide

PJ Tierney (Tele-DaD)
Andrew Murphy (Chaos Control, pre-AST)

Reported by Alex Hayes


In an attempt to settle the debate between two of the most memorable decks in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! table-topper PJ Tierney (Currently ranked #1 in Ireland) and renowned deck-builder and strategist Andrew Murphy took to the field in a veritable clash of the titans; the infamous traditional Chaos deck replete with the legendary Envoys against the current Tier 1 deck - Teleport Dark Armed Dragon.

Will new-age speed and consistency overcome old-school power and explosiveness? We were about to find out.

PJ won the roll and opened with Krebons, Solemn Judgment, Reinforcement of the Army, Mystical Space Typhoon, Torrential Tribute and Brain Control. He went for the ‘classic’ opening of Reinforcement, Stratos, Malicious before setting three cards to his backrow and ending.

Drew opened up with Cyber Jar, Raigeki, Snatch Steal, Last Will, Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End and Magic Cylinder, setting the Jar and Cylinder before passing back to PJ, who blasted the Cylinder away with Typhoon in the End Phase.

PJ drew Dark Grepher and went for the Synchro summon to kick things into high gear! He pitched Destiny Hero - Malicious to special Summon Dark Grepher, removed it with priority to get a second and normal summoned Krebons, combining it with his Malicious for Stardust Dragon! Grepher attacked and when Cyber Jar was flipped, PJ tributed Stardust to negate it! Stratos then attacked directly for 1800 and PJ ended, reviving his Stardust. (8000:6200)

Drew hit back by playing Snatch Steal to take the Stardust, and followed up with Raigeki to clear PJ’s field! Stardust then attacked and he set a monster to finish. (5500:6200)

PJ gained 1,000 lifepoints from Snatch and then summoned another Krebons, removing Malicious from his grave with priority to summon another and synchro’d for a 3,100 ATK Colossal Fighter. He ran over the Stardust and ended. (6500:5600)

Drew set a monster and PJ attacked it with Colossal next turn, Yata-Garasu! Things weren’t looking good for Drew, but he still had that Envoy in his hand, ready to strike, and he went for it next turn. Drew played Last Will, summoned Breaker the Magical warrior to destroy PJ’s Solemn Judgment and crashed into the Colossal. That let his Last Will activate and he fetched Shining Angel, which clashed with the Colossal aswell! That left him with the Light and Dark in his grave for Chaos Emperor Dragon! He paid the 1,000 with priority to clear everything and PJ responded with Torrential Tribute to clear the field and save himself from a huge LP loss! In the end he lost Brain Control and Drew lost his Sinister Serpent. PJ took 300 for the Emperor’s effect and top-decked a useless Dark Armed Dragon next turn. (6200:1400)

Drew brought back Sinister Serpent, summoned it and attacked for 300 before setting his top-decked backrow. PJ set the Emergency Teleport he just draw and passed back. Drew set another backrow and poked for another 300 before ending. (5600:1400)

PJ summoned Destiny hero - Diamond Dude next turn, using its effect to send a Dark Armed Dragon to the bottom of his deck! “That’s good, no dead draw next turn”, he commented before attacking with Diamond Dude. Drew flopped Mirror Force and PJ was forced to end. Drew turned his Sinister to defence and ended.

PJ topped a Reinforcement of the Army next turn and used it to get a Necro Gardna, summoned it and ran over Sinister before flipping his set teleport in the Battle Phase! Krebons came out and when PJ attacked Drew flipped Scapegoat to save himself. PJ then Synchro Summonned for Magical Android in main Phase 2, forgetting to attack a token! At least he gained 600 in the End Phase and had a Gardna in the grave now though. (6200:1400)

Graceful Charity came down for Drew next turn and he pitched Injection Fairy Lily and Confiscation before setting one card to each zone. He had forgotten to bring back Sinister Serpent, but that didn’t phase him one bit as he would have pitched Injection and Confiscation regardless. PJ brought out Destiny Hero - Doom Lord to remove Drew’s monster and ended. Drew got Sinister and passed back. PJ asked for a Light count, expecting an Envoy to come soon, but Drew had none, which disappointed PJ who attacked two Sheep Tokens before ending. (7400:1400)

Drew set a monster next turn and PJ ended it the turn after, topping Monster Reborn reviving Chaos Emperor Dragon! The resulting damage would end the game, so Drew scooped right away.

PJ takes the first game as both decks showed glimpses of their power! PJ sided 4 cards before Drew kicked off Game 2.

Drew opened with a set backrow (Magic Cylinder) which PJ blasted away with Mystical Space Typhoon next turn, before considering the possibl misplay of not keeping it for Imperial Order later on. Drew responded cheekily “How much are you willing to commit to the field Turn 1?” PJ ran the numbers in his head, saying that he was one card off of game before summoning Diamond Dude, hitting Allure of Darkness with his effect! He attacked for 1400 and ended. (8000:6600)

Drew hit back with Delinquent Duo and PJ accidentally flashed his hand! “Crap, got it mixed up with Forceful” he lamented before losing Reinforcement of the Army and Destiny Hero - Malicious. Drew finished with a T-set and passed it over to PJ who used Diamond Dude’s effect again, flopping Crush Card Virus to the bottom! “Wouldn’t have helped you anyway” He used the ‘free’ Allure from last turn though, and removed Necro Gardna for its effect before tributing Diamond Dude for Caius the Shadow Monarch, targeting Drew’s backrow which was Chained - Ceasefire. PJ took a thousand and took his time deciding whether to attack the flipped Sangan or not, working out the possible outcomes. He decided not to attack, ending his turn. (7000:5600)

Drew wasn’t happy with his draw, “No Pot or Graceful yet”, and set a monster before passing. PJ was also looking a bit disappointed with his hand, and removed Malicious to get another before summoning Krebons. “Hope you don’t have Luster”, “Yeah, because I’m not running Change and Snatch”. PJ went with Thought Ruler Archfiend and attacked Drew’s facedown monster, Magician of Faith, which got him back Delinquent Duo! PJ set 3 cards to his backrow to mitigate the effect of the impending Duo and ended.

Drew played Dark Hole, winning the mind games of the previous turn! The field was wiped and Drew got Yata-Garasu, attacking PJ with it and locking his next draw! PJ removed Malicious, looked at his would-be top-deck, Monster Reborn. “Could have done with that, remove Malicious just to block the feckin’ Yata” he attacked with it for 800 and ended. (6800:4800)

Drew topped Painful Choice and chose his 5 cards: Reflect Bounder, Metamorphosis, D.D Warrior Lady, Shining Angel and Tsukuyomi. “Thought you’d get Sinister at least, I’m gonna be gutsy and give you Metamorphosis”. PJ didn’t want Drew to have a monster to clear PJ’s field and attack with Yata again later on, but drew summoned Magical Scientist anyway! PJ didn’t like that at he’d just given Drew a Thousand-Eyes Restrict! Drew paid a thousand and brought out Ryu Senshi to run over the Malicious before Morphing for Thousand-Eyes Restrict. Ryu Senshi left the field as Drew ended. (5600:3800)

“Not worried about Yata now”, PJ stated before setting his 4th backrow and ending. Drew set a monster and passed back to PJ who summoned Elemental Hero Stratos to get Destiny Hero - Doom Lord. “Darks in PJ’s grave?” I asked. “Millions…” was Drew’s reply to the five that were in there. PJ pressed on, playing Brain Control to take the Thousand-Eyes, sucking up Drew’s Cyber Jar and attacking for a grand total of zero before ending. (4800:3800)

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the beginning hit the field, along with Yata-Garasu! PJ hit back with threatening Roar to prevent the lock and Drew just removed Stratos to finish. A tired looking PJ (this duel was being played at about 3AM and was reaching the hour mark) set his topped Torrential Tribute and played Destiny Draw, discarding his Doom Lord to draw Krebons and Threatening Roar. He summoned the Krebons, immediately regretted it and set the Roar to end. Drew played Pot of Greed to draw 2 cards (PJ had nothing in his hand, but plenty on the field) and set a monster before ending. PJ set his top-decked Ceasefire and passed back.

Drew set a third card to his backrow and summoned Tribe Infecting Virus, drawing out both Torrential Tribute and Ceasefire from PJ, burning Drew for 2500! Torrential cleared the field, but Drew instantly played Monster Reborn to bring back his Envoy! He attacked for 3000 before ending. (1800:1300)

PJ summoned Destiny Hero - Doom Lord to remove Black Luster, seemingly delaying the inevitable and ended. Drew summoned itch of the Black Forest in an attempt to rid PJ of his Doom Lord, but ran into a Threating Roar. It got removed by Doom Lord (which then turned to Defence) as PJ passed back. Drew played The Forceful Sentry and sent PJ’s only card (D.D. Crow back to his deck), only for PJ to draw it again next turn! He asked for a Light and Dark count (3 and 4 respectively) before Black Luster Soldier came back. He set his Crow, removed Luster again and ended.

Drew brought out Breaker the Magical Warrior, popped PJ’s backrow (Destiny Draw) and ran over the Doom Lord. Witch came back as PJ set a backrow for his turn. Drew attacked Crow with Witch and turned breaker to defence. PJ drew for his turn and played his top-decked Allure of Darkness, Drew responded with Imperial Order and PJ chained Emergency Teleport before scooping, having no way out of this game.

Drew fights back, dominating the game to take this match to a decider! PJ sided another 8 cards while Drew had sided none all game (he had no Side Deck). “Drew doesn’t NEED a side” was the call as PJ shuffled tensely.

PJ played Reinforcement of the Army, getting Stratos, which in turn got him Destiny Hero - Defender. Drew gave a slight laugh. “Sided in Skill Drain ya dirty Jew” he joked as PJ set a backrow and ended. Drew played The Forceful Sentry, revealing PJ’s hand: Breaker the Magical Warrior, D.D. Crow, Zombyra the Dark, Destiny Hero - Defender and Emergency Teleport. As Drew made his decision, PJ commented on the lack of Cyber Stein in Drew’s deck. “Doesn’t NEED Stein” was the reply as Teleport was kicked back to PJ’s deck. Drew set a monster to finish.

PJ summoned Zombyra, played his top-decked Emergency Teleport for Krebons and once it came out, hit Drew with Ceasefire! Witch of the Black Forest was flipped and Drew took 2000 points of damage. Goyo Guardian came out and Stratos ran over the Witch, getting Drew a Cyber Jar. “I’m fine with that, attack with Goyo direct”. PJ ended, taking a huge chunk of lifepoints off Drew that turn. (8000:3200)

Dark Hole cleared the field and Drew set a monster. PJ brought out Dark Grepher to flip the Cyber Jar. Drew got Harpie’s Feather Duster, Graceful Charity, Change of Heart, Metamorphosis and Injection Fairy Lily, which was summoned in attack position. PJ netted a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Necro Gardna, Skill Drain, Krebons and a Threatening Roar. Krebons and Gardna came out to attack Injection, Drew pumped to get rid of the Gardna before losing his Lily to Krebons. PJ set a backrow to end, knowing the Duster was on the way eventually. (5200:400)

Drew topped Graceful Charity, game off a maniacal laugh and sent Tsukuyomi and Sinister Serpent to his grave. “Crow it, I don’t care”, “Nah, waiting for the Light to hit there”. PJ was having none of it. Breaker the Magical Warrior was summoned and popped PJ’s Threatening Roar, which was chained, before he set 2 backrows to finish. Next turn it was all over as PJ brought out a Breaker of his own. Drew had no answers and scooped right away!

TeleDaD manages to take down Chaos after 90 minutes of entertaining action!

Post-Match comments:

PJ: “Let’s face it; I was playing each turn in fear. It was very tough, I had to change the whole deck in siding. I had to eliminate every dead draw in the deck.”

Drew: “It’s absolute control. You cannot afford any dead draws when playing against a deck like this.”

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