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Tech Time : Compulsory Evacuation Device

This week's tech card is Compulsory Evacuation device, a card with a very simple effect that rarely saw play in the past, but with the advent of Synchros, it's a card worth considering.

The main reason it wasn't played in the past is because of 'card advantage', a theory which many believe is the most important in the game. (Personally, I believe it is important, but not to the point where every game is won or lost because of it) Kicking a monster back to the hand was essentially a 'minus 1' as your opponent would still have the same amount of cards in control and you would have one less (the spent Evacuation). While that is still the case, the recent introduction of Synchro Monsters to the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! is the single biggest factor in the rise of play this card has seen. The reason? Synchros burn up resources. For the standard Synchro Summon you are giving up (at least) 2 monsters in order to summon a bigger one. If you had to play other cards to get those 2 cards out, then that's more that you risk losing if your Synchro is gone. What Compulsory does essentially is remove the Synchro monster for 'free' as it goes back to the Extra Deck and not to the Hand, which eliminates the card's inherent 'minus 1'. Depending on how your opponent set up the Synchro Summon Compulsory can even be a 'plus 1' at times, but that isn't what matters, it's the fact that the monster is gone and would take another 2-3 cards to bring back.

The card has the usual downsides though. First, it's a trap card and comes with all the negative aspects of that type. Secondly, outside of kicking back a Synchro or a similarly 'costly' monster it is not much use, especially if your opponent can just summon it again that turn. (think Judgment Dragon, Test Tiger or Grandmaster of the Six Samurai). Finally, it's dead against Thought Ruler Archfiend, the only Synchro Monster with a built-in target protection effect. I think the best way to describe this card would be to call it an 'alternative Phoenix Wing Wind Blast'. It's slightly weaker, but has no cost in comparison. Worthy of a side-deck slot or 2 in my opinion.


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