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Tech Time : Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

The recent Shonen Jump Championship was certainly an eventful one, the reign of Gladiator Beasts fell like Rome and there is a new deck at the top: Teleport Dark Armed (T-DaD). With this, people will eventually start running cards that would have previously been "Gyzarus'd" to kingdom come and new (or returning) tech will see play. This week's card is one of those.

Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer was (to my knowledge, I've only been playing competitively since 2007) initially a tech choice during the Chaos era, stopping your opponent from removing a Light and Dark to summon one of the Envoys while also cutting their Light/Dark count down to zero whenever possible. With T-DaD doing similar things with the Graveyard Kycoo can rise again. First off, it prevents your opponent from removing Destiny Hero - Malicious to summon a second and set up a Synchro Summon. It also makes Necro Gardna a dead card and prevents Dark Armed Dragon from wrecking your field. It also stops your opponent from playing D.D. Crow, which is always a good thing, especially in the mirror match. In fact, it's the mirror-match where this card will see most play. From the few mirror-matches I've played in already, whoever got out Kycoo first would be able to control the game unless the opponent could find quick answers and the card has been so useful to me in other matchups that I might even consider main-decking a copy in the near future.

It's also an 1800ATK beatstick which is the highest(usual) ATK score most decks can bring out independently of other cards. In addition to that, most of today's top decks are very grave-orientated. T-DaD has already been explained, Gladiator Beasts usually set up their major plays through Gladiator Beast Darius and Lightsworn kicks its entire deck to the grave in a matter of turns. Having a Kycoo out (with whatever protection is relevant) can potentially shut down most of these deck's big plays. Come November it will also be a reliable ally against Zombies, which get a huge boost from Crossroads of Chaos. The card is also a Dark monster , which has many obvious plus-sides.

The card (like every other card in the game) is not without its shortcomings though. That 1800ATK will make this card fall to Crush Card Virus and Bottomless Trap Hole, and it needs to do battle to start hurting your opponent's grave. Its defence is pretty low too so a quick Enemy Controller/Book of Moon can leave it in a vulnerable state. The Dark attribute also means its first effect can be negated by Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror and you will take 1,000 points of damage if a Caius hits the field.

Other than that though, it is a solid card, and worth taking up 2 slots in your side-deck at the very least.


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