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Weekend Reports

Fortune Tour Cup - Limerick

Standings (Swiss):
1st: [4-0] PJ Tierney
2nd: [3-1] Christopher M.
(Fusion Heroes)
3rd: [3-1]Evan B.
(Macro Monarchs)
4th: [3-1] Niall O' C.
(Synchro Samurai)
5th: [3-1] Kieran D.
6th: [2-2] Kim W.
(Crystal Beasts)
7th: [2-2] Kieran W.
8th: [2-2] Eamonn H.

PJ Tierney [defeated] Eamonn H.
Niall O' C. [defeated] Kieran D.
Christopher M. [defeated] Kieran W.
Evan B. [defeated] Kim W.

Niall O' C. [defeated] PJ Tierney
Chris M. [defeated] Evan B.

Chris M. [defeated] Niall O' C.

Hobby League : Cork (Week 3 of 4)

Standings (Swiss):
1st: [5-0] PJ Tierney
2nd: [4-1] Alex H.
3rd: [3-2] David D.
(Decree Monarchs)
4th: [3-2] Thomas S.
5th: [3-2] Brian A.
6th: [3-2] Kenneth W.
(Warrior Toolbox)
7th: [3-2] Seamus A.
(Macro/Oppression Gadgets)
8th: [3-2] Stephen O' D.

PJ Tierney [defeated] Stephen O' D.
Thomas S. [defeated] Brian A.
Seamus A. [defeated] Alex H.
Kenneth W. [defeated] David D.

Thomas S. [defeated] PJ Tierney
Seamus A. [defeated] Kenneth W.

Thomas S. [defeated] Seamus A.


Getting knocked out in the smis twice in a row is slightly annoying, but I did okay. I was kind of chancing my luck by running the same deck 3 weeks in a row but I'm not blaming my losses on that. I felt that i played pretty well this weekend, bar one or 2 stupid misplays here and there. In the Limerick event the Samurai player was maining Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror which caused me a lot of trouble. Eventually it all came down to a 'live or die' roll with a Snipe Hunter and I rolled 1/6 twice in a row. On the Sunday I was playing really well, though I had a few tight games. I ended up losing in the mirror due to a dodgy hand and couldn't make a comeback.

The deck without D-Darws worked well over the last 3 weeks, but it does have its flaws. For a start it cannot finish games off as swiftly as a D-Draw build. (in one game I was on 14,000 to my opponents 1,400 and couldn't force the final damage through) The deck also falls to 'trump cards' too easily. I think I'll revert to the 'standard' build again and work on a few things this week.


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