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Need to prove myself.

Back in July, I finally achieved what I was aiming for for the past 2 years, I became the highest ranked player in the country. Four months on though and I don't feel too happy at all. Ourside of this brief period before September where I went undefeated for a month with Gladiator Beasts I haven't really played as good as my ranking suggests and it's getting to me. In the past month I've not won my 'good local' at all, usually floundering in the Top 4/8. I've tried out new variants of TeleDaD and Lightsworn and nothing seems to work, I'm in a slump at the moment.

With The Irish Open coming up soon and attracting a lot of interest from the British players I have that chance to play in a 'big event' again and I am very excited about it. What I don't like though is that, from the vibes I'm getting (and a few MSN conversations with players), the 'better' players that are heading over are thinking that the event is going to be a cakewalk. What I gathered from one particular conversation was that some think that, as number 1, they see me as being the best player in the country, and have based the entire tournament standard on that. While I know that I'm not the 'best' player in Ireland (I can think of at least 3 players who I would consider to be far better than me) I still find this as quite a bit of an insult.

So basically, I need to prove, to myself and to others, that Ireland is not an 'easy' place to play in and that I am (or can be) as good any 'elite' player that I'll face in the next 12 months. (I keep looking back at the European Championship in Amsterdam this year and picking at the silly mistakes that potentially cost me a World Championship invite) I have the cardpool (recently got my 3 Plaguespreaders, yay!) and the determination to do it, so I just need the avenue and a couple of events where I can step up my game, the first of which is the Fortune Tour Stop that is happenning this weekend in Dublin.

At the time of posting this, I don't know if I'll even be able to attend yet. Most of my contacts in Dublin are unavailable or don't have a place for me to stay for the weekend. (Travelling across the country for me is basically a 2 day trip when you consider the tournament timetable and the but schedules I have to rely on) However, I really want to go. I'm already qualified, so it's a decent opportunity for me to see how far I've really come since that eventful weekend in Amsterdam. If I can't go I'm stuck with my locals for another 2 months and while they are fun to play in, they don't provide me with an accurate simulation of what the Fortune Tour Finals and The Irish Open will be like.

So yeah, that's enough of a rant for now (I'm in that kind of mood today). Feel free to have a chat either here or on any of the forums I'm usually on.


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