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Fortune Tour Stop (Dublin, Ireland) Report

After last week's article I managed to find a way to get to Dublin for the Fortune Tour Stop in the end. I had to stay at a mate's place in Carlow for the weekend, which was pretty decent of him. It allowed me to get some final testing in as well as saving a shedload on hotel fees. The downside? I had to take 4 buses to get to Dublin! Regardless, it was all good and I didn't mind the bus journey as it gave me plenty of time to think about the tournament ahead.

On Saturday morning I packed my stuff for the weekend and the bag was a lot heavier than I thought. Had to bring my decks, lunch, 2 tins of (playable) cards that I might run, trades and about 6 mats, as somebody wanted to buy at least 4 of them. Before taking the bus to Waterford I had a locals in Limerick to play in and to try out a few options for my deck. I won the event, going 4-0 and I felt that the deck was doing okay. After that it was a 2 hour bus to Waterford, then another hour and a half to Carlow where I met up with Stephen. We went back to his place and had a few games of Poker (I did okay) with his mates before getting some testing done. He was running TeleDaD as well so it was a good grounding for the day ahead. What I ran in Liemerick wasn't that great and these games proved it. My tech wasn't working so I had to tweak the deck around a little. I tried out various things before he got tired of testing at 2am. From there I whipped out the proxy TeleDaD deck and tested against myself for another few hours before finally settling on a decklist at 5am.

After 4 hours on the couch I got up and we took the bus to Dublin. I had my list ready and so did he from the looks of things. We arrived at Wynn's at about 12.30, with the event starting at 1. I registered, sold those mats, did a bit of trading (finally finished off my Lightsworn deck with a second Judgment Dragon), denied about 20 offers on my Plaguespreaders, made a huge profit off a Gorz I had spare and got myself into the correct mindset for the event ahead (I wrote out my decklist in the bathroom, away from all the noise and distraction of the main area). This was my chance to prove that I was good enough to justify being ranked #1 in Ireland and that the Irish meta and Irish players are as good as anywhere else. Looking around pre-event I saw quite a few Lightsworn decks, the usual amount of TeleDaDs, my mate from locals made his own way up to Dublin and was running Glad Beasts and Ireland's version of Vincent Tundo (Darryl Day) was running around asking everybody for spare copies of Golden Bamboo Sword. Eventually, the pairings for Round 1 were up and the 44 players (including at least 20 of Ireland's best) that attended were ready.

Round 1
PJ Tierney (TeleDaD) vs Neill Quinlan (Warrior Synchro)

This was just what I needed, a (relatively) easy matchup to get the wheels rolling on the day. I didn't come across any major difficulty in either game, my Solemn Judgments and Goyo Guardians did what they needed to do to take the first game. In the decond, I was glad I decided to chuck a LV7 Synchro into my Extra deck as I used Magical Android + Krebons to get that all-important third Dark into my grave for Dark Armed Dragon. It was the only time I got Black Rose out all day, but it was well worth it. After the game I sold him a mat for another €25 and moved on.

PJ: 8000-6100(Rose Warrior)-3050(Solemn)
NQ: 8000-6400(Goyo>Marauding)-5200(Goyo>Rose)-0(DaD+Goyo+Stardust)

PJ: 8000-5400(Mataza)-4600(Brain)-2200(Cylinder)-2800(Android)-1400(Solemn)-2000(Android)
NQ: 8000-6900(Android>Mataza)-4100(DaD)-0(DaD+Diamond Dude)

Games: 2-0
Matches: 1-0

Round 2
PJ Tierney (TeleDaD) vs Callum McCrea (Lightsworn)

After getting my feet off the ground in Round 1 it was down to 'serious business' now as I faced Lightsworn in the second round. Callum's deck was interesting to say the least, he had no Charges, but he was maining 3 Thunder King Rai-Oh which could throw a spanner in the works. It was a very tight game, one where I had to pull off amazing save after amazing save, but ultimately it was his misplays with Judgment Dragon that handed me the win. In Game 1 he brought it out and I Solemned, he then Reincarnated it and when it hit the field again I spun it back with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Next turn I played Monster Reborn on his Thunder King which forced him to ditch a card for Lightning Vortex before summonging the dragon again. This time I chained Emergency teleport to get a Krebons in defence. (It is only now that I relaise that Krebons should have died in the chain) He forgets that he can nuke the field more than once per turn and attacks into it. I negate and keep my grave at 3 Darks, ending the game next turn with DaD and Caius. In the second match it was more of the same, but I did out-smart him be asking for priority on the Judgment Dragon while I had Stardust Dragon on the field and took it from there.

PJ: 8000-4000(Thunder King+Wulf)-2000(Solemn)-1200(Krebons)
CM: 8000-7000(JD)-5100(Thunder King)-4100(JD)-0(Caius+DaD)

PJ: 8000-7550(Garoth>Diamond Dude)-3800(Thunder King+Garoth)-1550(?)-900(Garoth>Krebons)
CM: 8000-6600(Diamond Dude)-5600(JD)-4950(Stardust>Garoth)-3150(Stratos)-1550(Krebons x2)-0(Stratos)

Games: 4-0
Matches: 2-0

Round 3
PJ Tierney (TeleDaD) vs David Wilson (Lightsworn)

Last time I played this guy was in a locals in Galway, where a key misplay turned an easy win into a crushing defeat for me. needless to say, I was not going to make that mistake twice. We shuffle-shuffle-cut-cut and I open with like the best hand ever, setting the obvioius (Sangan+CCV) before destroying almost his entire hand next turn (Gorz, Celestia, Lyla and something else went down). I took the game 2 turns later with Caius and Dark Armed. The second game was a lot better, it really went back and forth with both of us coming form the brink at various times. He took it in the end as I ran out of outs to his Lightsworn. Game 3 I have a chance to take the game on Turn 2 and go for it, bringing out 2 Dark Armeds, a Grepher and a Stardust. Necro Gardna saves him but he draws into nothing that can save him and I win it from there. It was a good game though, and it was nice to play him again.

PJ: 8000
DW: 8000-3100(Stardust+Caius)-0

PJ: 8000-7500(JD>Stardust)-5650(Garoth)-2650(JD)-1300(Garoth>Snipe+Lumina)-0
DW: 8000-7000(JD)-6000(JD)-5000(JD)-3500(Snipe)

PJ: 8000
DW: 8000-3500(DaD+Grepher)-0

Games: 6-1
Matches: 3-0

Round 4
PJ Tierney (TeleDaD) vs Ultan O'Brien (Anti-Meta Gadgets)

Round 4 and I was up against Ultan. At the last regionals in Dublin that I travelled to, he defeated me on the bubble and cost me a Top8 placing that day. It was a tight game, but I admit that I underestimated him as I was playing in that period where I thought I was God's gift to Yu-Gi-Oh! (Read the 'Allure of Darkness' chapter here) I wasn't going to make that mistake again and sure enough, he pushed me to my limits, trampling me in the first game before I OTK him in game 2. Game 3 was an epic struggle as both of our decks traded blow after blow before enging in a top-deck war. I end up attacking for game with Plaguespreader Zombie and almost collapsed on the table after it. That deck was really good, and smashed every other TeleDaD deck it played.

PJ: 8000-6700(Red)-5500(Yellow)-2000(Red+Yellow+Sangan)-1000(Solemn)-200(Krebons)-0
UL: 8000-5300(Thought Ruler)-2650(Solemn)-1325(Solemn)

PJ: 8000-6600(Green)-5800(Brain)
UL: 8000-0

PJ: 8000-4000(Solemn)-3600(DDWL>Krebons)-1800(Solemn)-900(Solemn)450
UL: 8000-7600(Stratos>Green)-5800(Stratos)-4000(Stratos)-3200-2800(Stratos>Green)-900-400-0

Games: 8-2
Matches: 4-0

Round 5
PJ Tierney (TeleDaD) vs Brian Wakely (Lightsworn)

5th round, and my third Lightsworn match. I almost wished I was maining Light-Imprisoning Mirrors now. His deck was teched out for the TeleDaD matchup too, which was mildly annoying. In one of my games, I D-Draw my Malicious, he Crows it, I D-Draw the second one I drew off the first D-Draw, he Crows that one too. Still, it wasn't as annoying as when I played him before nationals this year, as he hit me with Royal Tribute, stripping me of my entire hand. Anyways, he I take the first game after playing Phoenix Wing Wind Blast on his Wulf and forcing him into dead draws. the second one goes the other way and he finished me with Honest and the final game was a real battle. I Light-Mirror out on Turn 1 and after an early beating, I take the game. Good match though, the toughest of my 3 Lightsworn match-ups so far.

PJ: 8000-4000(Solemn)
BW: 8000-7200(Stratos>Lumina)-5400(Stratos)-4400(Caius)-2000(Caius)-0

PJ: 8000-6400(Ehren)-4800(Ehren)-2400-0
BW: 8000-6900(Goyo>Lyla)

PJ: 8000-5900(Trooper+Ryko)-4900(Lumina)
BW: 8000-7200(Stratos>Lumina)-5400(Stratos)-2000(Breaker+Stratos)-800(Krebons)-0

Games: 10-3
Matches: 5-0

Round 6
PJ Tierney (TeleDaD) vs Petru Bumbar (TeleDaD)

Final round of Swiss and my first TeleDaD mirror of the day. Never played Petru competitively before but I knew he was running Mark Kenny's TeleDaD (Stephen lost to it earlier in the day) so it was going to be tough. Game 1 I open with Krebons and a set Scapegoat (Plasma in hand) and he goes all out, bringing out DaD, Grepher and Thought Ruler Archfiend, despite this very aggressive play, he leaves me with my Sheep Tokens on the field and ends his turn, instantly regretting it as he realised he could have had game last turn. I make him pay for it, bringing out Plasma and controlling the game from there. Game 2 went back and forth a little util I make a big swing for game. He says it's over and offers the handshake before realising he has Gorz in hand. I let him off with it and he brings it out to stall for another few turns, but to no avail.

PJ: 8000-7200(Krebons)-6400(Krebons)-6200(Red Dragon>Goyo)-8000(Thought Ruler)
PB: 8000-7900(Goyo>Thought Ruler)-6300(Plasma>Grepher)-5100-0

PJ: 8000-4000(Solemn)-3800(Red Dragon>Goyo)-3000(Krebons)-1500(Solemn)-700(Krebons)
PB: 8000-7000(Goyo>Stratos)-6700(Colossal>Red Dragon)-6100(Krebons>Doom Lord)-4900-2100-1400-0

Games: 12-3
Matches: 6-0

So there we go, I hit my main target of the day, topping swiss and making the play-offs.

The Quarter Final pairings were:

[6-0] PJ Tierney (TeleDaD)
[4-2] Kieran Digpal (Gladiator Beasts)
[4-2] Ultan O'Brien (Anti-Meta Gadgets)
[4-2] Andrew West (Lightsworn)
[5-1] Anthony Toner (Lightsworn)
[4-2] Brian Wakely (Lightsworn)
[5-1] Sephen Lynam (TeleDaD)
[4-2] Petru Bumbar (TeleDaD)

Quarter Finals
PJ Tierney (TeleDaD) vs Kieran Digpal (Gladiator Beasts)

So the 2 players who came up from Limerick to play made the play-offs, it was just unfortunate that we got paired up against each other. Kieran's been improving a lot lately, he ran Gladiator Beasts as soon as I stopped running them in August and recently started working on Zombies. However, he scrapped that for the day and went back to Gladiators which he knows all about. The first game went his way after he successfully got rid of both of my Dark Armeds (Chariot on one, My Body as a Shield on the other) but I had access to my side-deck for games 2 and 3. In went the Dust Tornados, Threatening Roars, Thunder King Rai-Ohs and a single Mystical Space Typhoon. I get out Stardust turn 1 and set the Threatening Roar. He goes into Gyzarus, destroys nothing and tries to run over my Stardust (he had Shrink in hand), but was halted by the Roar. I blast it away and then bring out Thunder King, backed by a Solemn Jusgment to completely lock him down. Game 3 he gets me with an early Shrink on my Stardust before forcing me to Solemn his Gyzarus. From there, I get out Plasma and control the game. He did well though, was as tricky as always, and had no hard feelings in losing. At least he got knocked out by one of his local opponents.

PJ: 8000-7900(Stratos>Grepher)-7100(Krebons)-6700(Prisma>Krebons)-0
KD: 8000-6500(My Body)

PJ: 8000
KD: 8000-6000(Stardust>Gyzarus+Thinder King)-2500(Thunder King+Breaker)-0

PJ: 7100(Shrink)-3550(Solemn)
KD: 8000-5200(Plasma)-3800(Plasma>Mole)-0

Games: 14-4
Matches: 7-0

Semi-finals went up, but I had to keep going. Stephen Lynam was still in the tournament, and I didn't want him to overtake me in the National Rankings.

PJ Tierney (TeleDaD)
Ultan O' Brien (Anti-Meta Gadgets)
Stephen Lynam (TeleDaD)
Anthony Toner (Lightsworn)

Semi Finals
PJ Tierney (TeleDaD) vs Ultan O'Brien (Anti-Meta Gadgets)

So Ultan and I were paired again, and it was going to be a tricky game. or the most part, it went the same way as above, a very tight match, but I did have better luck this time. First game I get CCV off and his most of his outs (Breaker, Kycoo, Banisher, DDWL) and with the information I had on his hand, I was able to make the right plays and take the game. Second game I got nothing, had 2 Dark Armeds in hand, but no way to get them on the field and the third game went my way in the end, but not before we had another top-deck war. Fair play to him for doing so well in the event, that deck is good, better than most anti-meta attempts you'd see at SJCs.

PJ: 8000-6200(Kycoo)-3100(Solemn)
UL: 8000-5500(Stardust)-3000(Stardust)-0

PJ: 8000-7350(Shrink)-5750(Breaker)-4150(Krebons x2)-2025(Solemn)-425(Krebons x2)-0
UL: 8000

PJ: 8000-6400(Banisher)
UL: 8000-6100(Thunder King)-6000(Grepher>Banisher)-5700-1200(DaD+Grepher)-0

Games: 16-5
Matches: 8-0

PJ Tierney (TeleDaD) vs Stephen Lynam (TeleDaD)

Fortune Cup Stop Dublin 30/11/08 from Mark Kenny on Vimeo.

So this was it, the matchup I was waiting for ever since I overtook Lynam in the rankings. #1 vs #2, Ireland's highest ranked player vs Ireland's best ever player, the battle for #1 slot in the country, it was on.

The video is above, and you can read the match report here. I'll just give my comment on the game aswell.

It was a good fight, I wouldn't expect any less from the player I consdier to be the best in the country's history. he forced me into certain plays, and I baited him into others. In the second game, my only out were the 2 Dark Armed Dragons I had in my hand and I needed him to get my third Dark in the Grave, so when he attacks for 'game' I drop Gorz, and bring out the token in defence position, making him run over the Gorz. I drop the DaDs after that and that was it. Good game, could have went either way.

PJ: 8000-5300(Grepher+Caius Burn)
SL: 8000-4900(Plasma)-1800(Plasma)-0

PJ: 8000-7200(Brain)-3600(Solemn)-1800(Stratos)-1700(DaD>Gorz)
SL: 8000-5300(Thought Ruler)-0(DaD x2)

Games: 18-5
Matches: 9-0


So there we go, I sweep the event, proving to myself (at least) that I deserve to be where I am currently ranked and (hopefully) proving to the rest of the world (via the forum I'll copy/paste this report on to) that the Irish are no push-overs, and that we can compete with the best of them.

Main Deck: 41

Monsters: 19
3 Destiny Hero - Malicious
3 Krebons
2 Dark Armed Dragon
1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1 Breaker the Magical Warrior
1 Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude
1 Destiny Hero - Doom Lord
1 Caius the Shadow Monarch
1 Destiny Hero - Plasma
1 Elemental Hero Stratos
1 Plaguespreader Zombie
1 Dark Grepher
1 Sangan
1 Snipe Hunter

3 Allure of Darkness
3 Emergency Teleport
3 Destiny Draw
2 Reinforcementof the Army
1 Monster Reborn
1 Brain Control
1 Heavy Storm
1 Scapegoat

Traps: 7
3 Solemn Judgment
2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Crush Card Virus

Extra Deck: 15
3 Stardust Dragon
3 Goyo Guardian
2 Thought Ruler Archfiend
2 Red Dragon Archfiend
2 Colossal Fighter
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Iron Chain Dragon
1 Magical Android

Side Deck: 15
3 Light-Imprisoning Mirror
3 Thunder King Rai-Oh
2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
2 Threatening Roar
2 Dust Tornado
1 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Mirror Force

Props and Slops

+ Mark Kenny and TakeOverGames for hosting such a great event.
+ Stephen Harrison-Daly for letting me crash at his place.
+ Hitting all my targets and proving myself as a player.
+ Not getting hit with Crush Card Virus all day.
+ All of my opponents for giving me good games.
+ Breaking into Europe's Top 50 in ranking.
+ Making a profit and getting good trades.
+ Kieran Digpal making it into Top 8.
+ Finishing my Lightsworn deck.

- Coming across Ireland's most expensive Internet Café in Waterford.
- Having to take 4 different busus to get to my location.
- Missing a bus in Waterford.
- Missing a bus in Dublin.
- Missing a bus in Carlow.

What next?

The game is never-ending and I can't rest on my laurels. For a start I have to consolidate my lead in the Limerick Hobby League this Saturday, followed by another Fortune Tour Qualifier in Cork that I want to top. My next target after that is to make Top 50 in the World Rankings which I am just outside of. Finally, I need to get to work on my deck for The Irish Open and the Irish Fortune Tour Finals, which are both in January. December's going to be an interesting month, I can guarantee that.



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