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Not long now..

As you can see from the newly installed countdown timer above*, The Irish Open is fast approaching, and while I'm excited about the event in general, I'm a little concerned about what I'm going to do.

After my Fortune Tour Stop success I haven't really been happy with my TeleDaD deck at all, but that might not even matter. Ever since the event ended, I've been getting messages from people saying that they're either going to run it themselves, or they expect plenty of others to do the same. Will I run it? I'm not sure yet. It is a good, versatile variant, there's no doubting that, but the fact that it's out in the open means that I've lost a very specific 'mental edge' if I do decide to run it. The deck also has plenty of the general weaknesses that TeleDaD can have.

So, where does that leave me? Do I go with it anyway, seeing as I have been running it for the past 3 weeks since the event, or do I have to re-invent the deck for myself, hopefully eliminating all the downsides of the deck but not having enough consistent testing to warrant using it on the big stage? (Mind you, I did come up with that specific list at 5am on the morning of the event) I'm not too sure where I'll go with it all yet. I might even drop TeleDaD altogether since the Lightsworn deck I have on me at the moment is quite fun to play and is running a lot better than my TeleDaD. Either way, I'll make a decision closer to the tournament date, but with that timer up above ticking down*, I've not got long left.


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*Note: I've subsequently removed the timer, as it isn't working. Irish Open is on the 4th of January, just under 13 days away, for those who want to know.