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TeleDaD : Some tips and tactics.

I was browsing the forums today when I came across these two threads by Jae Kim. While I disagree and don't understand the reasoning behind a few of these, most of them make sense and are quite handy so I thought I'd post them here for those that don't have DuelistGroundz accounts.

1. Unless you know most of their hand and you just PWWBed something or know they don't have MST, don't ever bluff set Storm. It's your swing back card you use to secure a game-ending turn.

2. If they have two backfield set, even if you have something like Scapegoat/Roar set you're not safe. You better do something to break it up.

3. If they summon Stratos and add Malicious to hand and you summon your own Stratos and cancel, don't set a backfield unless you have two defensive traps (Solemn Judgment is defensive to me). You often see players losing faster by setting Solemn instead of just passing with a clear backfield.

4. Don't ever summon Thoght Ruler unless:
1) You're at like 200 lp
2) you Dustshoot/CCV and see PWWB/Brain with no PSZ/Teleport

5. At times, it pays to go all out for game just to force SJ if you have a Stardust play, even if it takes you down to 1-2 cih versus their 5-6.
Example: You have Stratos Grepher Malicious E-Teleport Oppression. In most scenarios the right play is to play your whole hand. Special Grepher summon Malicious summon Stratos to pop backfield, teleport for Stardust, set Oppression. That's how important your opponent's s/ts are.

6. Always calculate how much damage you can put on the board, you'd be surprised.

7. Dustshoot draw phase so you can see everything. If you have a good hand like Oppression, or if you have an OTK hand like Grepher + DAD, you should CCV draw phase too. In fact, it's usually a good idea just to CCV draw phase because if they set two backfield and a monster you'll probably have to gun it anyways (if you don't have SJ).

8. The first play you should always make is ask for a response (in draw phase) then set a s/t, unless you have Stratos.
If you have Stratos, get him to board asap in case they Dustshoot or CCV. So if you have a hand like Diamond Dude, D-Draw, PWWB, Solemn, Allure, Krebons, I would set PWWB, set Solemn, set D-Draw (if I'm going to play it), set Allure. I would then flip Allure and such.

9. If you have Allure + Diamond Dude + D-Draw + removable Dark, you play Allure first to D-Draw a hopeful Malicious.

10. If you have a safer play than summoning Stratos on turn 1 with no traps, you do that instead. So if you have Rota, Gardna, Teleport, DaD, Solemn, and Breaker, it's a lot better to set Gardna/SJ and pass rather than summon Stratos for blank Malicious. Even if you didn't have DaD, probably.

11. You shouldn't Goyo for their Stratos unless you actually need the D-Draw to survive a game push next turn. Remember you can grab your Stratos from theirs.

12. Don't forget Stratos's s/t destruction. Even if you know it to be an SJ or PWWB, it's often better to force it on them.

13. If you're not taking game shot, don't SJ or PWB to break up their plays (unless you have no answer). Use your shit on their backfield and pop their shit with your monster.

14. Unless you have a hand of CCVable monsters, don't ever set MST if you have something like DaD in hand for game. You want them to set one, not 2.

15. Set up Oppression fast.
Example: You have Plague, Rota, Malicious, Oppression, Solemn, Diamond Dude. You Rota for Grepher, you special him, you sync two monsters, then you set Oppression/Solemn.

16. Grepher wins games. Don't be stupid and Allure him for no reason. Always remember you can special summon him the turn you summon Stratos.

17. Watch your Dark count.

18. Main outs to Colossal Fighter.

19. If you have DaD, Storm and game in hand, it's not a bad play sometimes to sync t1 for Stardust knowing it will get swung over, if you have nothing else to defend against game.

20. Don't Solemn if they summon DaD with one backfield down. Even if it was a bluff, you were boned. The exception is if they have game on the board and they need SJ to push it through and destroy your Krebons or something.

21. Don't summon Krebons unless you have more normal summons later down the road. You're doing it to save your normal summons, not to "block because har har its Krebons."

22. Before you talk shit about a skill less format, I guarantee a top Teledad player like me(Jae Kim), Ryan Spicer or Dale/Lazaro Bellido will beat a 'scrub' up 90% of the time without cheating. The skill gap is HUGE.

23. I think Oppression DaD is a lot better than regular DaD.

24. Once you're really, really good at Teledad, every hand plays itself and it gets boring as hell.

25. If your hand is useless without your Stratos summon and you have something like SJ + PWWB vs their set two backfield and two Destiny Draws, it might be smart to just set your two backfield and pass, hoping to SJ their SJ.

26. Doom Lord is bad.

27. Don't forget you can spin D-Draw/Allure to the top to get out Plague and D Dude. Yes, I know it's basic, but sometimes it's better to hold D Draw in case of that.

28. When you shuffle your opponent's deck, either do 1-2, 1-2 and make two piles (don't merge them, just put one on top of the other). Or do 1-2-3, 1-2-3 and don't merge them.

29. If you have multiple Solemns, don't do what that scrubs do and make sure you set all of them. If you have PWWB + SJ, you set both because it adds an extra card to the combo they need to kill you (Storm). It's very hard to do 4k damage against a set PWWB unless you draw flawless Grepher + Dark Discard + DaD + Malicious.

30. Colossal Control just means it's undestroyable by battle so you protect it.

31. Don't attack a face-down monster unless your hand is Crushable or unless you're pushing through damage and you have defenses. If you keep attacking Sangans with no follow-up, it can mean the difference between D Draw + searched Mali + two Teleports for death or a win.

32. If your hand is CCVable, Oppress the Malicious. If they draw to 6 in hand, D-Draw Malicious, and remove it you should probably Oppress it. It's highly unlikely your Oppression will last through to their next turn.

33. If you have any possible way of CCVing on your turn before they set up backfield, you have to do it or it WILL be dead later. The exception is if you have strong infrastructure like Stratos + Malicious + Gardna + PWB + Heavy Storm and you know you can set it up later.

34. If you ever end up in a situation where it's Colossal vs Colossal and all your DaD's are dead and theirs are not, you are dead in the water most times.

35. I am fairly quite certain Breaker is a staple.

36. Unless you are doing it for mind game reasons, Rotaing for Grepher on t1 is very stupid. You should also be using your second Rota on Grepher usually to set up game shot. It's a key card of the format (and nearly everyone misuses it).

37. If you play Roars or Scapegoats, a good play often is to PWWB their set on your draw phase in case it's Solemn. Then if they PWWB you you can chain, and you're guaranteed safe for that turn.

38. When you have 2 Colossal vs their Colossal, you swing your Colossal into them. Then you pick your own, and react as if you made a huge misplay. They'll pick yours (thinking you misplayed). Then you crash both Colossals, special summon both and attack for over 5,800.

TeleDaD vs Non-TeleDaD

1. If you're playing Teledad, you should wreck standard Lightsworn every game all day. The goal is to summon Colossal and prevent them from summoning twice in a turn (which gives them Celestia). Use their mill information against them. When you side, they have no chance unless they draw godly and you draw crap.

2. The HUGE advantage you have playing Tele-dad is they can't OTK you and you can OTK them. So against LS and against Gladiator Beast, nobody says you have to set s/ts and monsters versus them. If you feel a Celestia or some monstrous G Beast play coming, for gods sake don't set anything. If they open Laquari + 3 s/t and you have no play, it wouldn't be very wise to set two SJ and pass. Just take 1800 like a man.

3. Against Black Garden, don't ever summon a monster. The point is to not give them tokens. Then Tytannial negates itself and you screw the deck up. You should win 90% against this deck. It really sucks.

4. If you're *using* anti-meta, the two best cards obviously are Rai-Oh and Oppression. Main 3 Oppression against TeleDaD.

5. Cards like Breaker that break up backfield are staples versus Tele-dad if you're using Anti-meta or some non-Teledad deck. Outside of god hands, backfield is the key to winning always.

Some of these are quite useful, some of these are a little edgy, but it made for good reading (in my opinion) anwyays.


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