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[Cork] Grand Qualifier

Date: Sunday, March 29, 2009
Tournament Format: Swiss (5 Rounds) + Top 8 Play-Off
Number of Players: 23
Location: Victoria Hotel, Cork

Standings after Swiss
[5-0] 1st: Alex Hayes (Gladiator Beasts)
[4-1] 2nd: Mark Sheehan (Apprentice Monarch)
[4-1] 3rd: PJ Tierney
[4-1] 4th: Martin Stephens (Chaos Synchro)
[3-2] 5th: Kenneth Watkins (Spellcaster Lockdown)
[3-2] 6th: Kevin Wong (Chaos Control)
[3-2] 7th: Christopher Murray (Fusion Hero)
[3-2] 8th: Kieran Waters (Synchro Rush)

Kevin Wong [defeated] PJ Tierney
Martin Stephens [defeated] Kenneth Watkins
Alex Hayes [defeated] Kieran Waters
Mark Sheehan [defeated] Christopher Murray

Mark Sheehan [defeated] Kevin Wong
Alex Hayes [defeated] Martin Stephens

Alex Hayes [defeated] Mark Sheehan

[0-0] Round 1: No Opponent
[2-0] Round 2: vs Stephen Roche (Earth Rush Synchro)
[2-0] Round 3: vs Martin Stephens (Chaos Synchro)
[1-2] Round 4: vs Alex Hayes (Gladiator Beasts)
[2-0] Round 5: vs Kevin Wong (Chaos Control)
[0-2] Quarter Final: vs Kevin Wong (Chaos Control)

Came down to Cork for more testing and preparation for the Irish National Championship in 3 weeks time and the results were inconclusive. I topped again, which is good, but I struggled in quite a few games and was getting rough hands all day. Also, I've come to the conclusion that I am bad at both building and utilising side-decks, which is a major concern and needs to be addressed immediately. More Limerick players came down to try and qualify and most of us made it in the end, the rest will have to try the Last Chance Qualifiers (if there are any) on Nationals weekend. I'm getting bored of this deck already and might give it a break for a week and run something 'fun' next week.


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