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[Limerick] Hobby League, Week 3/4

Tournament Format: Swiss (5 Rounds)
Location: The Gathering, Limerick

Final Standings
[5-0] 1st: PJ Tierney (Lightsworn)
[4-1] 2nd: Niall O' Carroll (Black Garden Control)
[3-2] 3rd: Mark Slattery (Zombie Synchro)

[2-0] Round 1: vs Calvin W. (Monarch Synchro)
[2-0] Round 2: vs David O'M. (Fusion Heroes)
[2-1] Round 3: vs Kieran Waters (Synchro/Assault)
[2-1] Round 4: vs Niall O' Carroll (Black Garden Control)
[2-0] Round 5: vs Mark Slattery (Zombie Synchro)

I'm fairly happy with the deck at the moment, it's made me go undefeated ever since I picked it up, both in local tournaments and on YVD. The deck being what it is, I did have my fair share of luck along the way, topping a Judgment Dragon/Honest/reincarnation at the right time to snatch a win, but I can't change that aspect of the deck in fairness. I think I'll make one or two minor tweaks before tomorrow's Qualifier in Cork as I've found some cards being a little redundant at times.


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