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[Limerick] Hobby League, Week 4/4

Tournament Format: Swiss (4 Rounds)
Number of Players: 12
Location: The Gathering, Limerick

Final Standings
[4-0] 1st: Kieren Digpal (Gladiator Beasts)
[3-1] 2nd: PJ Tierney (Lightsworn)
[3-1] 3rd: Patrick Farrell (Monarch Synchro)
[3-1] 4th: Darren Kiff (Exodia)

[2-1] Round 1: vs David K. (Monarch)
[1-2] Round 2: vs Kieren Digpal (Gladiator Beasts)
[2-0] Round 3: vs Mark Slattery (Zombie Synchro)
[2-0] Round 4: vs Aaron Mason (Six Samurai)

After the 'seriousness' of last week's Local Qualifier I decided to chill out this week and give the Cork local a miss. I still played in my 'casual local' in Limerick today however. Didn't bother changing the deck as I was just playing for fun and I'll be running something new in a few weeks anyway. The deck smashed pretty much everybody, though I made quite a bad misplay in the Gladiator Beast matchup during end-of-match procedure. I pretty much had game if I used Lumina's effect, but I didn't (feared a Mirror Force/Torrential Tribute) and lost because of it. These things happen, I wasn't too worried about it, I knew I wouldn't make that kind of mistake at a 'serious' event anyways.


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