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[Limerick] Local Tournament

Tournament Format: Swiss (3 Rounds) + Final Playoff
Number of Players: 4
Location: The Gathering, Limerick

Final Standings (Swiss)
[3-0] 1st: PJ Tierney
[2-1] 2nd: Kieran Waters (Yusei Synchro)
[1-2] 3rd: Calvin W. (Monarch Synchro)
[0-3] 4th: David K. (Dark Control)

Final Playoff
PJ Tierney [defeated] Kieran Waters

[2-0] Round 1: vs Kieran Waters (Yusei Synchro)
[2-0] Round 2: vs Calvin W. (Monarch Synchro)
[2-0] Round 3: vs David K. (Dark Control)
[2-0] Final: vs Kieran Waters (Yusei Synchro)

The store decided to have a small local tournament today since some people will be out of school/college/work for St. Patrick's Day weekend and small it was with only 4 people showing up. I felt like coming in to test out a new deck I've been working with and it did well, even if this wasn't the most competitive local I've ever played in. Still though, it was good to come in and have a bit of fun since I had nothing else to do.


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