New Look, New Format | The Irish Duelist

New Look, New Format

With a new Yu-Gi-Oh! format upon us, I felt it was appropriate for this blog to undertake a bit of a facelift aswell.

Many thanks to Daniel Kong for allowing me to use his playmat design as the basis for the new banner above, and congratulations to him on the landslide victory in the recent Pojo Playmat Contest, where I also made it into the top 10 with this design.

Outside of the visual overhaul, not much has changed here at TheIrishDuelist. The homepage will only show the most recent blog entry to simplify matters, but all previous articles can be found on the right. The side panel has also been touched up slightly, with redundant features removed and new ones added.

I'm liking the new look, and here's to another great 6 months in this game.

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