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[Cork] Local Tournament

Date: Sunday, April 26, 2009
Tournament Format: Swiss (5 Rounds) + Top 8 Play-Off
Number of Players: 16
Location: Victoria Hotel, Cork

Standings after Swiss
[5-0] 1st: Alex Hayes (Gladiator Beasts)
[4-1] 2nd: Dave Duggan (Lightsworn)
[4-1] 3rd: Kevin Wong (???)
[3-2] 4th: PJ Tierney (Gladiator Beasts)
[3-2] 5th: Kenneth Watkins (Spellcaster Lockdown)
[3-2] 6th: Seamus Allen (Stun)
[3-2] 7th: Ian Ryan (Blackwings)
[2-3] 8th: Seán Stakeham (Spellcaster Counter Control)

Alex Hayes [defeated] Seán Stakeham
Dave Duggan [defeated] Ian Ryan
Kevin Wong [defeated] Seamus Allen
PJ Tierney [defeated] Kenneth Watkins

Kevin Wong [defeated] Dave Duggan
Alex Hayes [defeated] PJ Tierney

Kevin Wong [defeated] Alex Hayes

With this being the week after Nationals it was more of a 'winding down' tournament for me until I decided what deck to run for the next month or so so I wasn't really worried about the result. I got a lot of trading done and picked up almost everything I needed fairly quickly. As for the event itself, I played okay, though I'm not happy with losing the mirrors and the Lightsworn matchup. Things should freshen up next week as I plan on running a new deck and (hopefully) my Gold Sarcophagus will arrive in the post.


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