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[Limerick] Local Tournament

[Limerick] Local Tournament

[Date] May 23, 2009
[Location] The Gathering, Limerick

[Format] Swiss (4 Rounds)
[Number of Players] 16

[Winner] PJ Tierney (Blackwing)
[Second] Kieren Digpal (Gladiator Beasts)
[Third] Patrick Farrell (Synchro)

After having enough of SalvoSworn for now I decided to give Blackwings a go, taking the decklist I found on TCGPlayer (and posted in this blog) as a base and developing it a little. The deck was pretty fun to use, though a little limited in terms of what it can do. Usually it's summon, summon, summon, attack, game which is fine usually, but I'd like to be able to make the deck a little more versatile.

There's a ConClave qualifier on in Limerick next week. The winner gets free entry to every event at ConClave, aswell as a box of boosters (most likely RGBT). It's essentially a big local, but it's the first thing like this since Nationals so I have a chance to get some solid testing done for Euros. I'll be running Blackwing for the event it seems.


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