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UkayPro Championship : Stay Updated!


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As I write this I'm about to head across the country to get my flight to Manchester for the UkayPro Championship, Europe's largest Yu-Gi-Oh! event of the year (expected attendance: 300-500). As my net access won't be the best I'll be posting quick updates on my Twitter page whenever possible. Also, keep looking at the official coverage page throughout Saturday as there will be live coverage of the event.

At the moment, there are 8 Irish players heading to the event, representing Team Feckin'YuGiOh: Myself, Stephen Lynam, Stephen Harrison-Daly (he finished Top 16 at the European Championship this year, losing out to Vittorio Wiktor), Petru Bumbar, Barry Moran, David Duggan, Kevin Wong and Cian Greaney. For the latter 2, this is their first international event and for Cian in particular, his first major event period. Hopefully they'll learn a lot from the experience and come with the team to more events in future.

My report on the event will be up on the days after it ends but until then, keep up to date here.

Wish me luck.


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