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"Twilight Edition"

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Twilight Edition
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Combining the best of the game's LIGHT and DARK monsters, the Twilight Edition allows all fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's TRADING CARD GAME to have easy access to “Honest” – one of the most recent powerful cards!

In addition to the 1 “Honest” card included with every Twilight Edition, Duelists also get 3 packs showcasing some of the best LIGHT and DARK monsters from the last 2 years. Twilight Edition brings together in 1 package what many Duelists have already figured out on their own — that combining LIGHT and DARK together can build one of the strongest Decks that exist!

Twilight Edition contents:

•1 Ultra-Rare variant "Honest"

•1 pack of Light of Destruction

•1 pack of Phantom Darkness

•1 pack of Tactical Evolution


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