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Stardust Overdrive - Full Card List?

While browsing the Pojo forums this morning, I came across a post from Dimitri, a Belgian player I've met a few times. What he posted was a supposed set-list for Stardust Overdrive, which is coming out in November. This list included the OCG imports, as well as the names of the TCG exclusives.

Judging by Dimitri's posting history, this should be legitimate, though I would like to know who his sources are, as he seems to get a lot of 'insider information' before it's made public.

Koa'ki Meiru Beetle
Earthbound Revival
Gateway Of The Six
Gemini Scorpion
Koa'ki Meiru Maximus
Metabo Shark
Rinyan, Lightsworm Rogue
Shire, Lightsworn Spirit
Yellow Baboon, Archer Of The Forest
Reptilianne Poison

Previously OCG-Exclusive
Archlord Kristya
Clear Vice Dragon
Clear World
Dark Rabbit
Dark Smirogh
Guardian Eatos
Ice Queen

Rumoured Set-List (incomplete)
SOVR-EN000 - Koa'ki Meiru Beetle
SOVR-EN001 - Majestic Dragon
SOVR-EN002 - Stardust Xiaolong
SOVR-EN003 - Max Warrior
SOVR-EN004 - Quickdraw Synchron
SOVR-EN005 - Level Eater
SOVR-EN006 - Zero Gardna
SOVR-EN007 - Regulus
SOVR-EN008 - Infernity Necromancer
SOVR-EN009 - FOrtune Lady Wind
SOVR-EN010 - Fortune Lady Water
SOVR-EN011 - Fortune Lady Dark
SOVR-EN012 - Fortune Lady Earth
SOVR-EN013 - Solitaire Magician
SOVR-EN014 - Catoblepas And The Witch Of Fate
SOVR-EN015 - Dark Spider
SOVR-EN016 - Ground Spider
SOVR-EN017 - Relinquished Spider
SOVR-EN018 - Spyder Spider
SOVR-EN019 - Mother Spider
SOVR-EN020 - Reptilianne Gorgon
SOVR-EN021 - Reptilianne Medusa
SOVR-EN022 - Reptilianne Scylla
SOVR-EN023 - Reptilianne Viper
SOVR-EN024 - Earhtbound Immortal Ccarayhua
SOVR-EN025 - Earthbound Immortal Uru
SOVR-EN026 - Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca
SOVR-EN027 - Koa'ki Meiru Sea Panther
SOVR-EN028 - Koa'ki Meiru Rooklord
SOVR-EN029 - Tuned Magician
SOVR-EN030 - Crusader Of Endymion
SOVR-EN031 - Woodland Archer
SOVR-EN032 - Knight Of The Red LOtus
SOVR-EN033 - Energy Bravery
SOVR-EN034 - Swap Frog
SOVR-EN035 - Lord British Space Fighter
SOVR-EN036 - Oshaleon
SOVR-EN037 - Djinn Releaser Of Rituals
SOVR-EN038 -
SOVR-EN039 - Divine Grace - Northwemko
SOVR-EN040 - Majestic Star Dragon
SOVR-EN041 - Balckwing - Silverwind The Ascendant
SOVR-EN042 - Reptilianne Hydra
SOVR-EN043 - Black Brutdrago
SOVR-EN044 - Explosive Magician
SOVR-EN045 - Spider Web
SOVR-EN046 - Earhtbound Whirlwind
SOVR-EN047 - Savage Colosseum
SOVR-EN048 - Attack Pheromones
SOVR-EN049 - Molting Escape
SOVR-EN050 - Reptilianne Spawn
SOVR-EN051 - Fortune's Future
SOVR-EN052 - Time Passage
SOVR-EN053 - Iron Core Armor
SOVR-EN054 - Herculean Power
SOVR-EN055 - Gemini Spark
SOVR-EN056 - Ritual Of Grace
SOVR-EN057 - Preparation Of Rites
SOVR-EN058 - Moray Of Greed
SOVR-EN059 - Spiritual Forest
SOVR-EN060 - Raging Mad Plants
SOVR-EN061 - Insect Neglect
SOVR-EN062 - Stygian Dirge
SOVR-EN063 - Slip Summon
SOVR-EN064 - Synchro Barrier
SOVR-EN065 -
SOVR-EN066 - Bending Destiny
SOVR-EN067 - Inherited Fortune
SOVR-EN068 - Spider Egg
SOVR-EN069 - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
SOVR-EN070 - Eartbound Wave
SOVR-EN071 - Roar Of The Earthbound
SOVR-EN072 - Limit Impulse
SOVR-EN073 - InfernityForce
SOVR-EN074 - Nega - Ton Corepanel
SOVR-EN075 - Gemini Counter
SOVR-EN076 - Gemini Booster
SOVR-EN077 - Ritual Buster
SOVR-EN078 - Faustian Bargain
SOVR-EN079 - Seal Of Wickedness
SOVR-EN080 - Appointer Of The Red Lotus