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Hidden Arsenal Box Pulls

Hidden Arsenal is the newest booster set for the TCG, and was released last week. It's a 30 card set composed entirely of Super Rares and Secret Rares, much like the Premium Packs we had before.

The 3 cards that everybody's looking for are "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier", "Ally of Justice Catastor" and "Mist Wurm". When the set was released in Europe just over a week ago it was clear that these 'big 3' were short-printed, with a combined total of 4 of these Synchros in a box of 36 (or 1:9, if you prefer).

The secondary market took note of this and prices went up, with Brionac going for €45 at one point. Given that there was a good chance of getting one of each of 'the big 3' in a box I decided to chance my luck, and ordered a box from the UK for £70 (€80). It came in yesterday evening, and you can see what I pulled below.

Click for larger version.

2 - HA01-EN026 Ally of Justice Catastor
1 - HA01-EN022 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 - HA01-EN023 Mist Wurm

4 - HA01-EN011 X-Saber Airbellum
4 - HA01-EN024 Flamvell Uruquizas
4 - HA01-EN027 Wrath of Neos
3 - HA01-EN001 Blizzed, Guard of the Ice Barrier
3 - HA01-EN004 Mist Valley Thunderbird
3 - HA01-EN005 Mist Valley Shaman
3 - HA01-EN006 Mist Valley Soldier
3 - HA01-EN013 Allsword Commander Gottoms
2 - HA01-EN030 Evolution Burst
1 - HA01-EN021 Wurm Erokin
1 - HA01-EN003 Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier
1 - HA01-EN025 X-Saber Urbellum

12 - HA01-EN007 Flamvell Dragnov
11 - HA01-EN017 Wurm Apocalypse
10 - HA01-EN002 Blizzard Warrior
10 - HA01-EN015 Ally of Justice Garadholg
10 - HA01-EN018 Wurm Barses
10 - HA01-EN028 Detonating
9 - HA01-EN008 Flamvell Magician
9 - HA01-EN009 Flamvell Guard
9 - HA01-EN010 X-Saber Axel
9 - HA01-EN012 X-Saber Uruz
9 - HA01-EN014 Ally of Justice Clausolas
9 - HA01-EN016 Ally of Justice Rudra
9 - HA01-EN019 Wurm Cartaros
9 - HA01-EN020 Wurm Dimikles
9 - HA01-EN029 Berserker Crush

Overall I'm very happy with that. I pulled a Brionac at Galway locals recently so I needed 2 Catastors, 1 Brionac and 1 Wurm to fill out my Extra deck, and that's exactly what I got. Everything else is up for trade, and my trades list will be updated this week.