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Konami's Online Judge Test is up.

Konami's Judge Program for Yu-Gi-Oh! is starting to pick up, with the online test available since last Saturday:

Welcome to the KDE Judge Program!
Our goal is to provide support and guidance for our judges, encourage them to improve their skills and knowledge, offer certification testing to recognize their efforts and accomplishments.

We will be adding to this section as the program progresses, so please rely on this page for updates to our program.

Certification Testing
By passing certification tests, a judge can evaluate his or her knowledge of the various aspects of judging.
All active judges are encouraged to actively pursue Judge Certification.

Currently available tests:
Rulings Comprehension - Level 1 (English)

You will need to carefully study the Official Rulebook, know the basic mechanics of the game, and pay attention to the card texts presented to you in order to pass this test and function effectively as a judge.

You can find a copy of the rulebook here.

Additional tests will be added for you, once the information you’ll need to prepare for each test is completed and made available. There will be constant room for growth and study, so judges can expect to spend some time progressing through different levels of the certification process.

If you would like to take a test, click on the appropriate link below to go to the test page. Please be aware that:

Judge Certification is available only to persons aged 16 and older.
You will need a valid COSSY ID number and a valid email address, in order for your certification to be confirmed. If you do not have a COSSY ID number, you can obtain one at a KDE Official Tournament Store.
You must score 80% or more to pass.
You may take the test more than once, if you do not pass on your first attempt.
Test candidates should avoid discussing the questions and answers with other people.
Once you have completed the test and submitted your answers, you will receive your score immediately from the test page, so you will know right away if you have passed the test.

Within a few weeks after your test, you will receive an email congratulating you on your new certification, which will also tell you how you can become more involved in KDE’s Judge Program.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the KDE Judge Program – we look forward to working with you!

Here's how the test goes:

1] Once you click on the link to take your test, you will be asked for your date of birth.
2] The next page will have 20 questions, each with multiple choice answers.
3] At the bottom of the page, you need to fill in your e-mail address, name and COSSY ID number.
4] Once you've done all this and answered the questions, click submit and you will recieve your score.

The test is open to anybody over the age of 16 with a COSSY ID.