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Stardust Overdrive - Clear World (Part 1)


“Clear World” is a new Field Spell Card from Stardust Overdrive that you can build exciting new Decks around.

“Clear World” is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It can affect Duelists in up to 6 different ways, depending on the Attributes of the monsters they control. Some effects will hurt more than others, and the card affects everybody differently.

Lightsworn and Blackwings beware!
“Clear World” makes it so that if a player controls a LIGHT monster, they have to play with their hand revealed at all times. This is very bad for Lightsworn Duelists, since they like to surprise their opponents with cards like “Honest” and “Judgment Dragon.” Now that you can see what’s in your opponent’s hand, you won’t want to attack if you see they have “Honest.” You can also know what Spells and Traps your opponent is Setting, since you can see them in their hand before they Set them.

“Clear World” also makes it so that if a player has a face-up DARK monster on the field, they can’t attack if they control 2 or more monsters. This is very bad for Blackwing and Zombie Decks, since they use a lot of DARK monsters and like having a lot of monsters on the field at once. Blackwing players love to Summon 2 or 3 monsters and attack with them all at once. They can’t do that anymore if “Clear World” is on the field. Zombie Decks run into the same problem, since cards like “Zombie Master” that Summon a lot of Zombies aren’t that good while “Clear World” is around.

It affects other Decks too.
If you control an EARTH monster, “Clear World” forces you to destroy a Defense Position monster during your Standby Phase. If you don’t want that to happen, you’ll have to keep cards like “Giant Rat” and “Shiba-Warrior Taro” in Attack Position. “Goyo Guardian” is also an EARTH monster. If you destroyed a monster by battle and Special Summoned it with “Goyo Guardian’s” effect, you’ll have to destroy that monster next turn since it’s in Defense Position.

“Clear World” makes Duelists using WATER monsters have to discard 1 card during each of their End Phases. This can make your opponent think twice before getting back their “Treeborn Frog” from the Graveyard.

If there’s a FIRE monster on the field, its controller takes 1000 damage during their End Phase. “Lava Golem” and “Clear World” is a cool combo. Tribute 2 of your opponent’s monsters and give them “Lava Golem.” If they can’t get rid of it, they’ll take 2000 damage every turn: 1000 from “Lava Golem’s” effect, and another 1000 from “Clear World”!

Anyone who controls a WIND monster has to pay 500 Life Points every time they activate a Spell Card. Almost everybody uses “Stardust Dragon” in their Extra Deck. But “Stardust Dragon” is a WIND monster, so if you Summon it while “Clear World” is on the field, you’ll have to pay 500 Life Points whenever you want to use a Spell Card.

In Part 2 about “Clear World,” we’ll look at ways that you can build a Deck around this intriguing new card.

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