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Stardust Overdrive: Clear World (Part 2)

Here are some Deck ideas that revolve around “Clear World,” the new Field Spell Card from Stardust Overdrive. You can find more about “Clear World” in Part 1.

“Clear World” applies different effects to players depending on the Attributes of the monsters that player controls.

Building a Deck around “Clear World”
“Clear World’s” effects can do a lot of harmful things to players who aren’t expecting it. If you can build a Deck that avoids the effects of “Clear World,” while playing it against your opponent, you can cause your opponent a lot of problems.

You can play an EARTH Deck that’s based around attacking a lot. If you don’t have any Defense Position monsters, the effects of “Clear World” won’t hurt you if all you control are EARTH monsters. So trying keeping everything in Attack Position by using monsters like “Injection Fairy Lily,” “Neo-Spacian Grand Mole,” “D.D. Assailant,” and “Exploder Dragon.” All of these monsters can safely stay in Attack Position, and you won’t have to worry about “Clear World.”

“Clear World” looks at your face-up monsters’ Attributes, so a Deck that keeps everything face-down works really well with “Clear World.” Try a Deck that uses Flip Effect monsters like “Needle Worm” and “Morphing Jar” to send lots of cards from your opponent’s Deck to the Graveyard. If your opponent’s Deck is gone, you win! Uses card like “Book of Moon” and “Book of Eclipse” to flip monsters face-down again and re-use their Flip Effects. “Clear World” works well here, since your monsters are going to be face-down most of the time, so “Clear World” won’t do anything to you at all, while it’s hurting your opponent every turn.

If you don’t use any monsters at all, you won’t have to worry about “Clear World.” Try making a Deck that uses cards like “Chain Strike,” “Poison of the Old Man” and “Secret Barrel” to create huge Chains and deal a lot of damage to your opponent with card effects. You can also use a DARK Deck with monsters like “Stealth Bird” to do damage to the opponent without attacking. “Clear World’s” restriction on DARK monsters stops them from attacking, so if you only use DARK monsters but don’t want to attack, “Clear World” won’t bother you one bit.

Protected by the Dragon
“Clear Vice Dragon” is designed to work together with “Clear World.” When you control “Clear Vice Dragon,” you are not affected by “Clear World.” As long as you can protect “Clear Vice Dragon” and keep it on the field, you can include “Clear World” in any kind of Deck you want, and not have to worry about its effects.

“Clear Vice Dragon” is also a great monster to attack with, because its ATK when it attacks is always double the ATK of the monster it’s attacking!

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