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Stardust Overdrive: Explosive Magician

For a long time, “Goyo Guardian” was probably the most popular Level 6 Synchro Monster. Until the recent release of “Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier,” once Duelists had used up their “Goyo Guardian,” there wasn’t much else to Synchro Summon at the Level 6 mark. The exception to this was Spellcaster Duelists. They’ve been lucky to have “Tempest Magician” in addition to “Goyo Guardian,” and now they get one more in Stardust Overdrive, the brand new “Explosive Magician”!

“Explosive Magician” isn’t a Synchro Monster that everyone can use. Your non-Tuner monster for the Synchro Summon has to be a Spellcaster. Spellcaster Decks will have plenty of Spellcasters, though, and with the right strategy, they can make the most of “Explosive Magician’s” effect.

Combining “Foolish Burial” with “Magical Exemplar” is a very quick way to Summon “Explosive Magician.” First you Summon “Magical Exemplar.” Then you play “Foolish Burial” to send “Night’s End Sorcerer” from your Deck to the Graveyard. This gives “Magical Exemplar” 2 Spell Counters, so you can use those with “Magical Exemplar’s” effect to Special Summon “Night’s End Sorcerer.” Since it’s a Tuner, you can now Synchro Summon “Explosive Magician.”

You could also use “Magical Exemplar” to get Spell Counters for “Explosive Magician’s” effect. Every time a Spell Card is played, your Exemplar gets 2 Spell Counters . “Explosive Magician” can use 2 Spell Counters from any card you control to destroy one of your opponent’s Spells or Traps. With these two monsters, every time you play a Spell Card, you can destroy one of your opponent’s Spells or Traps for free! The great thing about this is that “Magical Exemplar” gets Spell Counters when your opponent plays Spell Cards, too.

“Magical Citadel of Endymion” is another great card to use with “Explosive Magician.” Every time a Spell Card is activated, the Magical Citadel gains a Spell Counter. If you combine it with “Magical Exemplar,” you can get a lot of Spell Counters really fast. You can use “Explosive Magician’s” effect more than once each turn, so if you have enough Spell Counters, you can destroy all of your opponent’s Spells and Traps!

Don’t forget that “Explosive Magician” is still a strong monster on its own with 2500 ATK. And it’s a LIGHT monster, so you can use “Honest” to boost it even higher. But it’s the effect of “Explosive Magician” that really sets it apart, and gives Spellcaster Duelists a great reason to use their Extra Decks.

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