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Ally of Justice Catastor, Part 2


Here are some of the best ways to use “Ally of Justice Catastor,” one of the new Synchro monsters from Hidden Arsenal. You can find out about the many different ways to Summon it in Part 1.

“Honest” can’t save them now.
“Ally of Justice Catastor” has a unique effect that allows it to destroy any non-DARK monster it battles right away, without applying damage calculation. That means that any tricks involving the Damage Step won’t work against Catastor. One of the best Decks to use “Ally of Justice Catastor” against is Lightsworn, since almost every monster in that Deck is LIGHT so their ATK can get pumped up using the monster called “Honest.” Your opponent can’t use “Honest” to protect their monsters against Catastor, since the monster that “Honest” is protecting needs to reach damage calculation to get its ATK pump. That means that you can now take down almost any monster in one of the most powerful Decks in the game without worrying about losing your own monster anymore!

No more monsters!
One of the best things about Catastor’s effect is that it’s really good for when you’re facing off against a Deck that runs cards like “Giant Rat” and “Pyramid Turtle.” Cards like these only get their effects when they’re destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard. When these cards face off against a Catastor however, they’ll still go to the Graveyard, but not by battle. Instead, they’re being destroyed by Catastor’s effect! That means their effects won’t activate, and your opponent can’t Special Summon a monster from their Deck.

The bigger they are..
..the harder they fall! “Ally of Justice Catastor” is great against monsters that are stronger than it as well. “Goyo Guardian” is one of the most powerful Synchro Monsters you’ll see, because it’s got 2800 ATK and can take any monster it destroys in battle. He’ll never be able to take your Catastor though, as Catastor will destroy him before he gets the chance to destroy you! In fact, any non-DARK monster that’s got more ATK than Catastor better watch out, as they can all go down to Catastor’s effect, even powerful monsters like “Judgment Dragon” and “Gladiator Beast Heraklinos.”

Some monsters have an effect that prevents them from being destroyed by battle. Some non-DARK examples would be “Marshmallon,” “Shiba-Warrior Taro,” and most of the “Cloudian” monsters. “Ally of Justice Catastor” doesn’t care if your opponent’s monsters can’t be destroyed by battle, it’s going to destroy them all anyway! This also works if people try to protect other monsters from battle with cards like “Waboku” or “Mist Body.”

What do you do if all of your opponent’s monsters are DARK though, like in a Blackwing Deck? Why, you change their Attribute to something else of course! There is a card that does this, a Continuous Trap Card called “DNA Transplant.” With this Trap Card, you can change the attribute of all monsters on the field to whatever you like. Change all the monsters to WIND, FIRE, EARTH, anything that isn’t DARK, and Catastor can destroy almost everything!

“Ally of Justice Catastor’s” one very powerful Synchro monster to have because of how easy it is to Summon, and how powerful its effect is. Feel free to put one or two in your Extra Deck and see how they work for you.