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Attention all Irish players.


In light of recent events, I've just revieved this email from the staff at Feckin'YuGiOh, Ireland's main Yu-Gi-Oh! forum. All members have been sent this mail, and are advised to read it as soon as possible.

As some of you may or may not know, Konami has stripped Ireland of its own national championship, along with Sweden/Norway/Finland, and are now forcing the Irish to go to the UK to play in a national championship.
All they have given us is rediculous excuses and nothing more then paper thin reasons for why we shouldn't have a nationals.

However, in an attempt to boycott this rediculous move by Konami, Takeovergames in Dublin have decided to create an KONAMI UNSPONSORED Irish national championship, in an attempt to keep competitive play alive in Ireland.

No set dates or times are available at the moment, however if anybody interested could please do the following

1) Log onto (or sign up to)
2) Enter the YGO Talk section
3) Record a Poll answer and post that you will/may attend in the "Irish Nationals 2010"
4) Pass this onto whoever might also be interested

The more numbers we get, the harder we can shove it in the face of Konami. It is vital that anybody who possibly can, does attend.

Thanks for reading.
Looking forward to your support

Magic_Darkness and the Feckin'Yugioh Team

Note: The views expressed in the previous email are the sole views of myself, Stephen Lynam (Magic_Darkness) and do not reflect definitely or otherwise, the views of Takeovergames or the Irish playerbase as a whole.

Anything said in the previous email are the views of Stephen Lynam, and I claim full responsibility for anything that was said that may have upset anyone.