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Deck statistics for December.

____________________________________________, Germany's largest TCG website, has been tracking the state of the game for the past few months in this thread, highlighting what's been topping and winning the most often.

Here are the figures for December:

Sonstige means 'other', the rest are self explanatory.

Wir haben nicht nur ein neues Jahr, bzw. Jahrzehnt, nein, auch einen neuen Monat. Und so gibt es wieder eine abschließende Grafik für das Monat Dezember.
Dieses Mal werden Decks aus den Ländern USA, Italien, Irland, Portugal und Australien präsentiert.

We have not only a new year, or decade, no, also a new month. And so again there is a final artwork for the month of December.
This time will be presented decks from the USA, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Australia.

As we can see, the format has established itself, and there are 3 main decks: Lightsworn, Blackwings and Zombies. Lightsworn has been winning most often, and also seems to be the most popular deck of the month.

We may see similar figures coming from SHONEN JUMP Championship Los Angeles this weekend.