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How do Blackwing Decks work? (Part 2)


In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the many different “Blackwing” cards that work as the backbone of a Blackwing Deck. Today we’re going to look at some other support cards that you can use to finish up your Deck.

Just because a card doesn’t mention “Blackwings” by name doesn’t mean it won’t work in your Blackwing Deck! They can also benefit a lot from cards that work with Winged Beasts, DARK monsters, or just from cards that are useful all-around.

Blackwing Decks have a lot of strong support that can eliminate opposing cards at will. Check out “Icarus Attack,” an old Trap Card from Enemy of Justice that’s come into fashion now that Blackwings are around. Since every “Blackwing” monster is a Winged Beast, you’ll almost always be able to activate “Icarus Attack” to destroy 2 cards on the field.

“Icarus Attack” can be used in many different ways:

  • If you can’t destroy your opponent’s monsters in battle, you can just use “Icarus Attack” instead when they try to attack you.

  • If you think your opponent’s about to do a Synchro Summon, you can destroy the Synchro Material Monsters before he gets the chance to use them.

  • You can even get rid of your opponent’s Spell and Trap Cards with “Icarus Attack,” so if they’ve Set 2 cards to try and protect themselves next turn, you can blow them away in the End Phase before they get a chance to activate them, and they won’t be able to do anything about it!

  • You can also get rid of pesky Continuous Spell and Trap Cards like “Gravity Bind” and “Level Limit – Area B,” which would otherwise stop you from attacking.

  • If you’re playing against another Blackwing Deck, you could even destroy their “Black Whirlwinds,” stopping them from getting free monsters!

Another great card for Blackwing Duelists is “Delta Crow – Anti Reverse,” a powerful Trap Card that can destroy all of your opponent’s face-down Spell and Trap Cards. This can be activated whenever you have a face-up “Blackwing” on the field, and if you have 3 “Blackwing” monsters on the field, you can just play this Trap Card from your hand, even on your opponent’s turn! If your opponent just Set any of their cards this turn, they won’t be able to Chain them when you play your Delta Crow, leaving your opponent completely defenseless! Some Decks like Gladiator Beasts like to Set a lot of Spells and Traps, so Delta Crow will come in very handy against them.

The other big thing about Blackwings is that they’re all DARK monsters, which lets you use powerful cards that work with DARK monsters. “Allure of Darkness” lets you draw 2 cards, which gives you a better chance of drawing your strongest cards as soon as possible. Be careful with Allure though, because if you can’t remove a DARK monster from play after you draw your cards, you have to send your entire hand to the Graveyard! Another great DARK monster is “Dark Armed Dragon,” one of the strongest monsters around. It can be tricky to Summon, since you have to have exactly 3 DARK monsters in your Graveyard, but it’s a very powerful monster if you can get it on the field.

Don’t forget to include powerful cards like “Brain Control,” “Mirror Force,” “Heavy Storm” and “Bottomless Trap Hole” in your Blackwing Deck, too. These cards are useful in many Decks, and can help make things a lot easier in sticky situations.

With so many different things going on, it’s easy to see why many Duelists are bringing Blackwing Decks to tournaments these days; they’re fast, powerful, exciting, and winging their way to a table near you.

This article was originally posted on Konami's official Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Strategy website, which you can find here.