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Round 8, Game 1


By now, many of you will have seen my previous experiment, "Game 2", where I worked with the language of Yu-Gi-Oh! to create a visually compelling piece. Fortunately, it went down just as well with the college staff as it did the general public and I got decent scores in my assessments for the last semester.

The next piece in this will take what was learned from "Game 2" and further refine it; basically the next video is going to be the same concept, but executed a lot better now that I know what I'm doing.

The piece will be entitled "Round 8, Game 1" and as you can imagine, it centres around the first game in the eighth round of a tournament, specifically SHONEN JUMP Championship Los Angeles and the feature match between Austria's Claudio Kirchmair and Spain's Rodrigo Togores. I selected this game as it was fairly quick to read out (the video will be about 1 minute long) but contained a lot of information.

I recorded the audio for this a few weeks ago (it took me 12 'takes' to get it right, I should make a blooper reel) and then converted it into text to form the basis of the video. Next, I loaded the text into Adobe Illustrator and created the layout. I finished that this morning and whipped up a quick A3 document to help me visualise the next step, animating the text for the video.

I should hopefully have that video ready to go for next week, and then we'll see what happens after that.


The text and the audio has now been synch'd up and I'm nearing the final stages of the video. Here's a screenshot to show what was involved in this step (click for full view).