Round 8, Game 1 | The Irish Duelist

Round 8, Game 1


Last week, you got to see a sneak preview of my latest piece "Round 8, Game 1" in the production stages. Now, I'm glad to announce that the video is complete and ready for viewing. It is part of my current studio work at Limerick School of Art and Design, and while it is a finished piece in and of itself, it is still only a 'work in progress' in relation to the bigger picture of my overall work for the year.

*note* The aspect ratio is a little off of what it should be, due to how the video was compressed for web use.


My current body of work deals with the language of gaming, and isolating it from the games it originates from. I am primarily doing this with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, as it is a game and a community that I am highly involved in, and as such would know and recognise a lot of the vocabulary and terms that go with it. I find it interesting that while everybody is still technically speaking English, it can still sound like something completely alien to those who are not already involved with the game.

I am experimenting with various forms of digital media (video, sound, images etc.) in order to best convey this sense of an ‘other worldly’ language to those not already aware of it. I am currently leaning towards video, using recordings game-related conversations and kinetic typography to represent them visually.