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See you in New Jersey..


The 75th SHONEN JUMP Championship will be held in Edison, New Jersey at the end of April. I've always wanted to go to a Jump but have been putting it off for (mainly) financial reasons. Luckily enough though, the date of the event cojncided with a sale from Aer Lingus for (relatively) cheap flights to the US and I began to take notice.

After going this way and that regards whether or not I'll go I ended up booking my flights this morning, which means you will see me at this event! I always had the intention of going to one of the key Jumps, like what SJC #50 was in Costa Mesa, and was going to make sure I'd show up at SJC #100. Now that Konami have declared this event to be SJC #75, there was a big enough reason for me to go.

I've never been to a Jump before, or any event with more than 300 players (My 2 big events in 2008 were about 280 each). With this event getting close to 2,000 players it's going to be a whole new experience for me. On top of that it's still a Jump, so the best of the best will be there and it won't be easy to do well in the main event.

It's going to be an exciting week though, and I can't wait to finally go to New York City as well.