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How to Get Around Cards Like Mystic Tomato


Most Decks need to be able to get to their best monsters quickly to make their big combos work. One of the most common ways to do this is with monsters that Summon more monsters from the Deck when they’re destroyed in battle.

When these guys are destroyed in battle, they can bring out more monsters!

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  • Starlight Road: Where do I use it?


    In our previous 2 articles on “Starlight Road,” we looked at how the card works and what makes it so useful. Today we look at “Starlight Road” one last time to see what Decks can benefit the most from the added layer of protection it gives.

    Starlight Road: What can it do for me?


    “Starlight Road” is an exciting new Trap Card that’s only available in the Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2010. Yesterday, we looked at how the card works, and today we’re going to see why so many Duelists are adding this card to their Decks.

    Starlight Road: How does it work?


    “Stardust Dragon” is one of Yusei’s signature cards, a card that almost every Duelist has in their Extra Deck. Its high ATK and incredibly useful effect have changed the way the game is played ever since its release in The Duelist Genesis, forcing Duelists to think twice about cards that destroy other cards. Tthe Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2010, takes things to a whole new level with the new Trap Card that everybody’s talking about, “Starlight Road.”. “Starlight Road” is incredibly powerful, and it makes “Stardust Dragon” even easier to use!

    Interview with Alex Mitchell


    Last week saw the end of the September 2009 format, with the SHONEN JUMP Championship in Nashville. Despite being the last event of the format, there was a surprising amount of vareity on show, with all sorts of Decks doing well. One of the most popular, a Spacechip Deck that used cards like "Lord British Space Fighter" and "Jade Knight," made it to the Top 16. That deck was piloted by Alex Mitchell, who got as many compliments on his fashion choice as he did his Deck. After the event I caught him for a quick chat about his experience.

    Increasing your Deck's consistency.


    Lots of Duels are decided by how well you play your cards, but what cards you decide to play in your Deck is just as important. In order to do well at any event, you need to have a powerful and consistent Deck that can do what you want it to do very well. Here are some tips to help you make your Deck more reliable.

    How to get around Royal Oppression


    Almost every Deck you’ll see at a tournament Special Summons a lot of monsters, and lots of Duelists have tried to stop their opponents from doing this whenever they can. The most popular card for stopping Special Summons is “Royal Oppression,” and if you want to safely play cards like “Stardust Dragon” you need to know how to beat this troublesome Trap Card.

    New layout for


    Anybody that's logged into the official (US) Yu-Gi-Oh! website this morning will notice the new look:

    Trades List

    General Guidelines

    I live in Ireland and can send (almost) worldwide.

    My main preference is cash (PayPal).

    The only items I'm really after are listed in my wants, though the usual 'money cards' are always welcome.

    If I have not recieved my end within 30 days of the confirmation date I have the right to cancel the trade.

    If you are interested in anything please post a message on whatever forum thread you were linked from.

    I only have what's listed below, please don't ask for anything else as I either don't have it or it's not for trade.

    If an item is eBay listed you'll need to make a significant card offer in order for me to take it off the site, otherwise just place a bid.

    For custom playmat designs, click here:

    Trap Stun


    Every Duelist has to be wary of Trap Cards, as they can stop you from doing what you want to do. There are many ways to protect yourself from your opponent’s Trap Cards, you could shut them all down with “Royal Decree,” or negate the most dangerous ones with “Solemn Judgment” and “Dark Bribe.” “Trap Stun” is a card that many Duelists overlooked in Raging Battle, but it’s a simple card that can be very useful in the right situations.

    Satoshi Kato and the OCG


    SJC Nashville has just ended and we have another international SJC champion, but this one's different, he's from Japan! Satoshi Kato won the event with Zombiesworn and while I was googling things to find out more about the player, I came across an interview that he did with Jason Grabher-Meyer just before Worlds last year. You can find the article in full here, but I'm gonna take a few of the more interesting pieces out of it and post them up.

    Looks like Jae Kim's been writing again..


    Many of you already know who Jae Kim (JAELOVE) is, a player who's done work for, and a few other places. He's also topped a bunch of SJCs in his time and is generally well-respected among the YGO community. Last year he started up a site of his own,, as there was no 'proper' strategy site at the time (this was before the Konami site went online). It was quite popular, but ultimately died off due to other commitments.

    Anyways, I was looking around for some info on our newest SJC Champion, Satoshi Kato (I found an article I'm gonna post in a bit) when I saw that Jae's site had been updated. Here's the most recent article from his site.

    UkayPro Championship Report


    This most recent format has been an unusual one to be honest, as I hadn't played in a single official event up until the very end. Just over a year ago, the whole debacle regarding Upper Deck and counterfeit cards surfaced, and they were forced out of the game due to the impending legal battles. This had the knock-on effect of 'killing off' Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Organised Play scene in Europe and America. Konami then assumed control and started to get things back on track, while local stores and Tournament Organisers kept on running local (albeit unofficial) tournaments until things got 'back to normal'. It's been a long wait, but things are starting to slowly get back on track now.