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How to get around Royal Oppression


Almost every Deck you’ll see at a tournament Special Summons a lot of monsters, and lots of Duelists have tried to stop their opponents from doing this whenever they can. The most popular card for stopping Special Summons is “Royal Oppression,” and if you want to safely play cards like “Stardust Dragon” you need to know how to beat this troublesome Trap Card.

“Royal Oppression” is a Continuous Trap Card that can negate the Special Summon of a monster, or the effect of a card that Special Summons a monster, by paying 800 Life Points. Since it’s a Trap Card, it has certain weaknesses that you can use to safely Summon your monsters. You can negate its effect with “Royal Decree” or “Trap Stun,” or stop it from being activated by having “Jinzo” on the field. Since it’s also a Continuous Trap Card, it has to stay face-up on the field for its effect to work. If you Chain “Mystical Space Typhoon” or “Dust Tornado” to “Royal Oppression” when it’s activated and destroy it, your Special Summoned monster will be safe!

“Royal Oppression” has another weakness too: it can’t be activated in the Damage Step. If you’re using cards like “Tragoedia,” “Mystic Tomato” or “XX-Saber Emmersblade,” your opponent can’t use Oppression to negate their effects. Any Deck that’s using “Royal Oppression” is usually using these types of cards too, so you know what to watch out for if your opponent activates Oppression at the start of the Duel.

There are some cards your opponent will never want to use “Royal Oppression” on. These cards’ effects usually activate in the Graveyard and if they’re negated, they stay there, ready to be activated again! One of these cards is “Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor.” You can remove Vayu and another “Blackwing” monster in your Graveyard from play to Special Summon a “Blackwing” Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck. Vayu and the “Blackwing” monster aren’t removed until the effect resolves though, so if your opponent negates Vayu’s effect with Oppression, you can just try and do it again. Your opponent won’t keep paying 800 Life Points every time, so you’ll be able to Special Summon your Synchro Monster safely. You can also use cards like “Treeborn Frog” and “Totem Dragon” to do similar things and get around “Royal Oppression.”

You’ll be seeing lots of Duelists use “Royal Oppression” these days, since it’s a good card to use against almost every Deck, but now that you know its weaknesses you’ll be better prepared to play around it.

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