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Increasing your Deck's consistency.


Lots of Duels are decided by how well you play your cards, but what cards you decide to play in your Deck is just as important. In order to do well at any event, you need to have a powerful and consistent Deck that can do what you want it to do very well. Here are some tips to help you make your Deck more reliable.

Have a Plan!
No matter what Deck you build, you should always have an idea in mind of how you want to win your Duels. If you’re using a Blackwing Deck for example the plan is to Special Summon lots of “Blackwing” monsters, and use them to Synchro Summon your big-hitters like “Blackwing Armor Master” and “Blackwing Armed Wing.” A Lightsworn Deck aims to send as many cards as possible to the Graveyard, and add “Judgment Dragons” and other LIGHT monsters to the player’s hand with “Beckoning Light,” Special Summoning them to win the Duel. A Gladiator Beast Deck uses lots of “Gladiator Beast” monsters’ effects to destroy cards and make sure they always have the monsters they need. They use cards like “Waboku” and “Book of Moon” to safely attack and defend with Gladiator Beast monsters. No matter what Deck you use, you should always know how you plan to win your Duels.

Find Your Best Cards!
Once you’ve decided what type of Deck you’re going to use, and what the overall plan is, you can add cards to help you achieve this goal as quick as possible. In a Blackwing Deck you want to Summon your “Blackwing” monsters, such as “Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind” and “Blackwing – Bora the Spear” as quickly as possible, since they’ll help you to Synchro Summon your bigger monsters, which is what you’re planning to do. The quicker you get them into your hand, the better, so you use cards like “Black Whirlwind” to help you search them out quickly.

Don’t forget that you can use up to 3 copies of most cards in your Deck. If you need a key card to help you win your Duels, like “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon” in a Dragon Deck for example, then you’ll want to run 3 copies of it in your Deck. If you use only 1 copy, you won’t see it very often, but if you use 3, you’ll be able to draw into it 3 times quicker! Also, if one of them gets destroyed, you can just wait until you draw another one and do everything again!

Increase your odds!
You can have between 40 and 60 cards in your Main Deck. While it might seem fun to have 60 cards that can do all sorts of different things, the more cards you have in your Deck the harder it will be for you to draw your best ones. If you want your Deck to be as strong as possible, then you need to stay as close to 40 cards as you can. If you do this, and use 3 copies of your best cards when able, you’ll be able to use your Deck the way you’ve planned to as often as possible! You don’t have to strictly stay to 40 cards though, using 41 or 42 cards is okay too if you can’t find anything you want to take out of your Deck.

Try to use cards that can make your Deck as small as possible whenever you can. Let’s say you’re using a Dragon Deck again, and you’ve currently got 30 cards left in your Deck. You need to draw “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon” as soon as possible. If you’re not using any cards that make your Deck smaller, like “Masked Dragon,” then you could have up to 30 cards to go through before you draw a Red-Eyes. If you are using “Masked Dragon” though, you could use its effect to get another Dragon-Type monster from your Deck. If you do this there are now 29 cards left in the Deck, which lets you draw into your “Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon” that little bit quicker! You’ll also have a Dragon-Type monster on the field because of “Masked Dragon’s” effect, so if you do draw the Red-Eyes on your next turn, you can Special Summon it right away! Almost every type of Deck has cards that can make your Deck smaller, which then makes your Deck more efficient.

Duelists who build their Decks so that they can easily find all the cards they need to pull off their best combos usually have an easier time. Have a look at your own Deck, and see if these tips can make it stronger.

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