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Starlight Road: What can it do for me?


“Starlight Road” is an exciting new Trap Card that’s only available in the Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2010. Yesterday, we looked at how the card works, and today we’re going to see why so many Duelists are adding this card to their Decks.

It has a powerful effect that’s easy to use.
The main reason that “Starlight Road’s” so popular right now is because of how simple it is. When a card effect that destroys 2 or more of your cards is activated, “Starlight Road” negates that effect and brings out a “Stardust Dragon” for free. Stopping a destruction effect without having to discard any cards or pay any Life Points is already great, but the powerful Synchro Monster that you Special Summon makes “Starlight Road” even greater. It’s the ultimate comeback card, just when your opponent thinks they’ve got you beat, you flip this over and suddenly you’re the one in control.

It works against some of the most popular cards around.
Almost every Deck plays cards with effects that “Starlight Road” can negate. “Judgment Dragon,” “Gladiator Beast Gyzarus” and “Elemental Hero Absolute Zero” are the big-hitters of some of the most popular Decks right now, and they can all destroy at least 2 of your cards with their effects. Even cards like “Icarus Attack,” “Celestia, Lightsworn Angel” and “XX-Saber Hyunlei” aren’t safe from the wrath of “Starlight Road.” Don’t forget that every Deck is able to use cards like “Heavy Storm,” “Torrential Tribute,” “Mirror Force” and “Lightning Vortex” too, so you’ll almost always have something to use “Starlight Road” against in every Duel.

It makes people afraid to play “Heavy Storm.”
The biggest impact that “Starlight Road” will have on the game is how people use “Heavy Storm,” one of the most prominent and commonly played Spell Cards of all time. “Heavy Storm” destroys every Spell and Trap on the field, and if you’ve ever got any Spell or Trap Cards Set, you’re vulnerable to its devastating effect, since it can wipe away all of your defences at once. All of that changes with “Starlight Road” though. Now if you Set a lot of Spells and Traps, your opponent won’t be as eager to play their “Heavy Storm” because if one of them is “Starlight Road” they’ve thrown away their “Heavy Storm” for nothing and you’re rewarded with a “Stardust Dragon.”

Since “Heavy Storm” is now a riskier card to play, a lot of Duelists are looking at different ways of destroying your Spell and Trap Cards. “Starlight Road” only works when you’re protecting 2 or more cards from destruction, so expect to see a lot of cards that can only destroy 1 card, cards like “Dust Tornado” and “Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter” from now on. You might even see Duelists adding cards like “Cold Wave” and “Giant Trunade” to their Decks again, since these cards can suppress your Trap Cards without destroying them.

It can stop your opponent’s last line of defence.
Cards like “Torrential Tribute” and “Mirror Force” often turn Duels around all by themselves. Your opponent can wait to use them until it seems like all hope is lost and then suddenly destroy all your monsters and mount a comeback. With “Starlight Road” in the mix, those Trap Cards might just not matter.

Let’s say your opponent doesn’t have a lot of Life Points left and you’ve got “Blackwing Armor Master” on the field. They can’t destroy the Armor Master in battle so they’re relying on their face-down “Mirror Force” and “Torrential Tribute” to save the day. If you Summon another monster you’ll have enough ATK on the field to win the Duel, but your opponent can just flip Torrential to destroy your monsters. If you attack, they’ll stop you with “Mirror Force.” Luckily for you you’ve got “Starlight Road” set. If you Summon a monster now, they’ll activate “Torrential Tribute” and you’ll chain “Starlight Road” to negate it and Special Summon “Stardust Dragon.” Their “Mirror Force” can’t save them now either since you can just tribute your Stardust to negate it and win the Duel!

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