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75th SJC : The Report


As regular readers of my blog already know, I tend to write rather long tournament reports after every major event I attend. With the 75th SHONEN JUMP Championship being the largest event of all, I wanted to try something different with my report this time. Instead of one (very) long article, I've split the report up into several smaller articles instead, each one focusing on a different aspect of my week in America. Just click the links below and read on. Quick note to anybody I met before you do though, if your name isn't mentioned and you said hi to me, please don't take offence. I spoke to about 200 different players at the Jump and signed about 50 autographs, so I'm having trouble remembering you all. Feel free to say hi again in the comments though to jog my memory.

75th SJC : Yu-Gi-Oh! in America
75th SJC : Photos and Videos
75th SJC : The Main Event
75th SJC : Cool stuff going on.