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75th SJC : Cool stuff going on.


There were plenty of different and interesting things going on at the Jump, and I got to see some really unique Yu-Gi-Oh!-related items as well. Here is a brief recap of the things that you wouldn't usually come across at other events.


Next to the main stage there was a scale model of Stardust Dragon, one of the game's iconic monsters. This model was first unveiled in Japan last year for the JUMP Festa, and made its way over to the US for the 75th SHONEN JUMP Championship. The model is about 8-10 feet high, and quite detailed, especially the head section. It was a very popular attraction over the course of the weekend, with photos of it being taken on a non-stop basis.


While the main event was taking place, there were also several side events going on during the weekend. one of these sides was the 'Attack of the Giant Card' event, where the winner would walk away with a jumbo-sized version of one of the SJC prize cards. Until you see these things in person and get a hold of them, you can't really comprehend how big these things really are. The cards aren't actually pure cardboard either, but are in fact (double-sided) glossy prints with a foam backing to prevent them from bending. I was hoping to win one of these, but the cost of sending it back to Ireland would have been huge.

Konami also had some of the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! videogames on display for people to try out. The one in the video above is Yu-Gi-Oh! Decade Duels, the upcoming game for XBox Live. I got to try it out and it felt a lot better than any previous Yu-Gi-Oh! game I've played, the visuals were simple and professional, concentrating solely on the duel with no 'flavouring'. The AI was impressive as well, making solid plays that had relevance to the 'real life' Trading Card Game. In one instance I had to get rid of a key monster to have any chance of winning, and it flipped Solemn Judgment to ensure that I lost. In a later game, when I tried to force the AI to flip Solemn, it held it back until it was most needed. Although the version on display was only a Beta (the sets weren't fully up-to-date and there were a few slight issues with the gameplay) it seemed impressive enough and there should be some improvements made before it goes on final release.

The other game on display was Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2010 : Skies of Arcadia, the latest in a series of games for the Nintendo DS. If you've played previous World Championship versions then you know what to expect here. I didn't spend long on it as I was more intrigued by Decade Duels. Also, there were meant to be some Duel Terminals (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arcade Machines that give you a card every time you play) but a delivery mixup meant that they didn't arrive at the event (this was the courier's fault, not Konami's, and a lot of other items didn't make it to the event either). I did get to use a Duel Terminal at King's Games in Brooklyn the day I landed in America though. It was fun to play, but the novelty soon wore off as the game modes were essentially dumbed down versions of the Trading Card Game.


I was lucky enough to get the chance to use a Dark End Dragon for the main event before I dropped out. A few weeks before the event, I posed a message on Facebook asking if anybody would lend me a Dark End Dragon to use at the event, since I was in no mood to spend $1000 on a copy for myself. Fortunately, one of my fellow Pojo mods was judging the event and he had one he could let me use. I picked it up on Saturday morning, just before I wrote my decklist and I got to try it out that day, before handing it back when I dropped. I was running Blackwings for the event, so any time I could bring out a Level 8 Synchro, I had the chance to drop it. It was only of real benefit in one game however, during the first game of my 4th round. My opponent had a Stardust Dragon and another (2100 ATK) monster out on the field while I had a Sirocco and a Gale in-hand. Without the Dark End, I could only get over 1 monster while leaving the other out there. I wanted to get rid of both so that my opponent had to top-deck a monster next turn and be put in a difficult situation. So I brought out the Dark End, ran over the Stardust for 100, and used its effect to get rid of the other monster. Outside of that one scenario, I found myself bringing out Stardust Dragon and Colossal Fighter a lot more often.

In test games pre-event with my Japanese copy though, I found Dark End to be quite useful, taking care of face-down Spies and Rykos in the Flamvell matchup usually. However, after using 'the real thing' I've found that it's not as 'needed' as people make it out to be, and I'll gladly await a reprint (I'm expecting one around Christmas although no announcements have been made and I have no insider info on any reprint at all) and attempt to get loaned copies for any major events in the meantime. However, if the opportunity comes up to get one without splashing a large amount of cash arises, I'll be more than willing to make the trade. (towards the end of the event, I had the chance to get one for $600 + another $200 in trade value, but that was still too much or me).


One of the most interesting things that happened while I was at the Jump was something totally unexpected. During the player briefing everybody was seated at tables while various announcements were made. On the table next to me was a young boy with his father, decklist in hand. I glanced at the list and noticed that he hadn't filled it in fully (there were no quantity numbers beside the card names) so I offered to help. I got talking with the boy and his father and I told them about Konami's strategy site and how it can help beginners. I asked the father if he was aware of it and he said that he was slightly aware of it through his work. When I asked what he worked as he said "I'm one of the voice actors for the TV show, I'm Yusei."

I was amazed, that Greg Abbey, the voice behind the game's current hero, was here at the Jump. When I asked if he knew about the event he casually said "I heard there was something going on near New York this weekend so my son and I decided to check it out!" After this we chatted a bit about his work, and I gave him some website links to help out his son, who was starting to get into the whole tournaments thing. After that I suggested that they head up to the stage area and talk to the Konami staff, since I was sure that they'd be excited to meet Greg and his son. Soon after this the pairings for the first round headed up, and I got a quick photo of the man himself before heading off. Later on he signed my Stardust Dragon and I saw an article about him and his son's SHONEN JUMP experience on the coverage site. The whole thing was totally unexpected, and such a pleasant surprise, he was a really nice guy to talk to and everything.

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