The new look is here! | The Irish Duelist

The new look is here!

Something seem a little different? That's because, as of today, The Irish Duelist (and Custom Playmat Designs) have been completely redesigned. Click on the 'Read more' button to find out more.

New Background and Front End

The first thing you'll notice is the new background, which varies in detail depending on the size of your monitor. If you're using a screen with a resolution of 1024x768, you'll only see the top end. If you're using something larger (like on a laptop) then you'll be able to see the Junk Warrior and Stardust Dragon, as well as the 'Event Stickers' on the left (and my trademark on the right). If, like me, you're lucky enough to have a larger monitor, you get to see everything. The other nifty thing about this background is how it's locked in place, and you'll get to see everything even when scrolling. The layout has changed too. Gone is the front end menu with 10 articles (while it was a great feature to have, it caused so many problems behind the scenes) and in its place is the standard 4 article preview spread.

Note: If you're having layout problems when navigating (items stuck behind images etc.), just hit Refresh on your browser once everything's been loaded and it'll fix itself right up.

New Event Stickers

Wondering what events you can find me at next? Check out the stickers on the left to find out. Instead of taking up space within the blog itself, these stickers have been added directly to the background, and will stay on-screen when you scroll down (hence the term 'stickers'). Please note that your monitor/resolution needs to be large enough to view these.

Direct News Feed

Thanks to the new front end, there are less articles on the main page. That doesn't mean you'll miss out on anything though. If fact, thanks to the new Direct News Feeds on the right, it's quite the opposite. Thanks to the magic of RSS, you can keep up to date with everythign that's posted here on The Irish Duelist, any new designs released on Custom Playmat Designs, as well as the latest articles from Konami's official strategy site (which I also write for). Just under these is the Quick Search option, which lets you view articles by category.

Social Network Bookmarks
Just below every article, you'll see a bunch of icons. These will allow you to post articles from here directly on to your Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Compared to the previous layout where these were installed seperately, they came directly with the base template I downloaded, so now everything is clean and unified.