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Shining Darkness Blackwings

Blackwings battle on with new cards from The Shining Darkness! Lots of Decks got new cards from The Shining Darkness, and while X-Sabers and Infernities have made the biggest splash so far at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournaments, Blackwings sneaking higher and higher into the rankings. Check out all the new cards you have to choose from for your Blackwing Deck!

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  • I live in Ireland, and can send worldwide.
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  • I'm willing to check lists if you provide a link.
  • Any cash deals must be done through PayPal.
  • If I have not recieved my items within 30 days of deal confirmation, I have the right to cancel.
  • I tend to go by eBay values for most items.
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  • Damage Gate

    There are lots of monsters out there that Duelists want to use as often as possible because of their amazing effects that just happen to also have low ATK. For example, Rescue Cat’s effect to Special Summon 2 Level 3 or lower Beast-Type monsters is powerful enough to have an entire Deck built around it, even though Rescue Cat is Limited. Today we’re going to look at a card that lets you use these monsters’ effects more than once, by Special Summoning them from the Graveyard: Damage Gate from The Shining Darkness!

    Dark End Dragon for sale.

    As some of you may already know, I picked up a Dark End Dragon at last month's UK/Ireland National Championship in London. If you are interested in having this card for yourself, feel free to check out my eBay link below.

    Dark End Dragon (SJCS-EN007)

    Rock out with Koa'ki Meiru!

    Koa’ki Meiru monsters have lots of Attack Points and effects that can give your opponent nightmares. Most Koa’ki Meiru also require you to to discard an Iron Core of Koa’ki Meiru or reveal a monster of the same Type in your hand, during the End Phase to keep them on the field. Some of the most useful Koa’ki Meiru monsters are Rock-Types though, so they can work together to keep each other safe. Rock Decks also have quite a few other handy monsters to play around with, so a Deck using Rock-Type monsters and Rock-Type Koa’ki Meiru can work really well.

    UK/Ireland Nationals 2010 : Top 8 Decklists

    UK/Ireland Nationals 2010 : Finals Video

    What does my Deck need to do? - Part 2

    Yesterday we outlined what the current strongest Decks do to win their Duels, and looked at how Summoning powerful monsters while getting rid of the opponent’s monsters is very important. Today we’re going to finish up by concentrating on Spell and Trap Cards, which are just as important to any Deck as its monsters are.
    To recap, here are the 4 things that every Deck should aim to do:

    1: Summoning powerful monsters with high ATK.
    2: Attacking directly by getting rid of the opponent’s monsters.
    3: Protecting their own monsters with Spell and Trap Cards.
    4: Getting rid of the opponent’s Spells and Traps, so that they can attack safely.

    What does my Deck need to do? - Part 1

    If you’re looking to make the next top Deck, there are a few things that it should be able to do. Depending on what cards you’re playing with, some of these tips might not apply to your Deck. For example, if you’re playing with Watt monsters you aren’t going to be Summoning a lot of powerful monsters to take down your opponent’s Life Points. For most Decks though, here are some examples of things you should keep in mind as you build your Deck.

    2010 UK/Irish Nationals Report : The Weekend

    Just over a month ago, I was playing at the 75th SHONEN JUMP Championship, halfway across the world. While there I got to experience the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game on a totally different level to anything I've seen in Ireland, the UK or the rest of Europe, but I also realised just how low my standard of play was in comparison to the world's best. Ever since then I've been wanting to 'up my game' and hit the lofty heights of 2008 (where I came so close to topping the European Championship in Amsterdam, the Pharaoh Tour Final in Manchester, and Irish Nationals), and this year's National Championship would be my first real test. Unfortunately, my preparations for the event were not as desirable as I would have hoped for, but that's more down to timing than anything else, as it's the end of my spell in Art College and I've got a lot of work to do. Make sure to read up on the deck article I posted yesterday if you want to know how my preparations went.

    2010 UK/Irish Nationals Report : The Deck

    Here is the decklist I used for the main event. Ever since the 75th SHONEN JUMP Championship ended, I was unsure of what deck I should use for Nationals, as I wasn't feeling very confident in anything I had. Then The Shining Darkness Sneak Peek came along and I was able to get a hold of 2 XX-Saber Darksoul. Straight away after the event I went onto eBay and bought everything else I needed for the X-Saber Deck, Emmersblades, Faultrolls, the lot. As I waited for the cards to arrive, I put a Cat Synchro deck together and ran it at locals for a few weeks. By the time the cards arrived I was torn between both decks, not knowing which to go with.