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Duelist Revolution Sneak Peek info.

Duelist Revolution will be revealed first at the Sneak Peek events on August 7th and 8th. Gather at your local store and play the new set before it is officially released!

Revolutionize Your Deck, and be the first to try out new Amazoness cards, Unicorns, and Fusion Monsters, including Yusei’s new 3200 ATK Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste. This set also brings you one of the most talked-about Spell Cards in years: Pot of Duality. Unicorns stampede onto the field, with a herd of new Beast-themed monsters, Spells, and Traps to smash through your opponent’s defenses!

For your entrance fee to a Sneak Peek event, you will receive 5 Boosters of Duelist Revolution and a promotional card Scrap Archfiend. You will then build a 20-card deck with the cards from your boosters and find other duelists to play against (if you need help with finding an opponent, the event organizer will assist). You can also try to get an exclusive Duelist Revolution Game Mat!

The DREV Sneak info for Limerick (Ireland) is as follows:

Location: The Gathering, 43 Lower Gerald Griffin Street, Limerick, Ireland.
Date: Saturday, August 7th 2010
Registration: 9.30-10.30
Event duration: 10.30-13.00
Cost of entry: €25

For your €25 you'll get 5 packs of Duelist Revolution and the promo card, Scrap Archfiend. Then you build a 20 card (minimum) Deck and face off against other Duelists in 4 rounds of Swiss.

The winner will recieve a Duelist Revolution playmat along with more boosters of the new set. The highest-placed Junior player (ages 12 and under) will also recieve a Duelist Revolution mat, along with more booster packs!

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