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Welcome to “Jurrac”Sic Park!

One of the readers of this blog, Vincent Cheng, sent me a link to an article he wrote recently, while waiting for some Jurrac articles to go up on Konami's official Strategy Site. While I get links to articles every so often, I rarely see ones in the 'Konami format' so this was a refreshing change.

With the release of Hidden Arsenal 2 came a new archtype of cards into the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, the “Jurracs.” “Jurracs” are FIRE attribute monsters based off extinct prehistoric dinosaurs that easily stomp all over the competition by powering themselves up with their effects!

Our first monster is Jurrac Protops, a dinosaur which starts off at 1700ATK and powers itself up 100ATK for every monster your opponent controls. This means the majority of the time it will always be at 1800ATK since your opponent almost certainly will have a monster on the field for attack or defense. It also means if your opponent wants to destroy the monster, he or she can not simply summon an 1800ATK, he or she would need at least a 1900ATK monster to destroy it. The more monsters your opponent controls, the stronger this dinosaur gets which will make your opponent think twice before summoning multiple monsters on their turn!

The next dinosaur in the “Jurrac” family is the speedy little Jurrac Velo. This monster allows you to special summon any 1700ATK or less “Jurrac” monster from your deck to the field when it is destroyed by battle and sent to your graveyard, including itself! If you run three copies of Jurrac Velo in your deck, this could also allow you to stall against an opponent since you can simply special summon another Jurrac Velo and when it is destroyed special summon another! Depending on the circumstances of the duel, Jurrac Velo serves as a toolbox giving access to a variety of helpful dinosaurs such as…

Jurrac Monoloph, the only Tuner monster currently available for the “Jurrac” archtype. But do not let its diminutive stats fool you. This level 3 dinosaur clocks in at 1500ATK! Being level 3 allows it to get around the effects of stall cards your opponent may use such as Gravity Bind and Level Limit – Area B. In addition to being a strong little dinosaur, it has a very special effect, you can use Jurrac Monoloph to attack every monster your opponent controls once each. Imagine your opponent activates Scapegoat summoning 4 sheep tokens thinking to him or herself they are well protected. You summon this dinosaur and say OM NOM NOM to all of them!

With multiple copies of Jurrac Velo in your deck it is easy to quickly maintain a field presence of two monsters which gives access to the almighty Jurrac Tyrannus! This monster starts off with 2500ATK and gains 300ATK for every monster it destroys and sends to the graveyard! This will make your opponent think twice about setting any monsters since the more monsters Jurrac Tyrannus destroys, the stronger it becomes. Also, if you tribute any Dinosaur-Type monster you control, you can power Jurrac Tyrannus up by 500ATK to give it 3000ATK allowing it to easily take a bite out of any monster your opponent can throw at you!

Finally we have the first ever Dinosaur-Type Synchro monster to be released for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME in the form of Jurrac Giganoto! This gigantic level 7 dinosaur is a 2100ATK Synchro monster that powers all “Jurrac” monsters you control up by 200ATK for every “Jurrac” monster in your graveyard, including itself! There are no specific Tuner requirements only that the other monster must be a Dinosaur-Type. With Jurrac Velo and Jurrac Monoloph, it’s super easy to Synchro Summon Jurrac Giganoto. During later stages of the duel, it’s easy to see how Synchro summoning this will easily give you access to a 3000+ monster!

The “Jurracs” are a fun new addition to the TCG family and will become even stronger in future Hidden Arsenal releases! For every child who has ever loved dinosaurs and Yu-Gi-Oh!, your time has come! Pick up these cards today in Hidden Arsenal 2 and travel back 65 million years to when dinosaurs ruled the earth!


Even if this article isn't used for the TCG website, I had so much fun emulating the style of the official strategy articles. I love dinosaurs to death and I love Jurracs. Any critiques are welcome, thank you.