September 2010 | The Irish Duelist

YCS Bochum : Photos

Here's some pics I took from YCS Bochum last week. You'll have seen most of them in the live tournament coverage over at Konami's site, but there's a few never-seen-before ones in here too!

FAQ for YCS Germany is up!

Europe's first ever Championship Series event, YCS Bochum, is less than a week away. For the full rundown of the event, prizes and helpful information, read on below..

Pre-Registration for YCS Bochum now available.

If you want to participate in the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament in Bochum, you need to register at the venue. However, you can also speed up your registration process by using the online pre-registration. If you do so, you’ll only have to show your COSSy ID at registration, instead of providing your full information then. Just click the link below!

New Psychic Strategies

Psychic Decks have been around for a long time now, and we’ve seen several Psychic cards like Krebons, Magical Android and Emergency Teleport make it into other Decks as well. With Duelist Revolution there are new Psychic cards for Duelists to use, and Psychic Decks have plenty of new tricks and combos to make the most of!

Monday Night Matchup: Blackwings vs X-Sabers

Welcome to Monday Night Matchups, where we take an in-depth look at 2 Decks you’re likely to see in high-level competition and find out what happens when they go head to head! What do the Decks do? What are the key plays to make if you want to win? What do you need to do to stop the opponent? All this and more, tonight, as we find out what happens when Blackwings take on the X-Sabers!

Heroes on Paper Posters

I was recently asked by Robert Pace (of Heroes on Paper, Comics & Games) to design some posters for his upcoming Regionals in San Jose. The first of those Regionals was last week (same time that YCS Toronto was going on) and brought in over 400 players. Here's hoping the next one is as successful.

UGTV: News from YCS Toronto

Sixxy has uploaded another video to his increasingly popular YouTube channel, which you can find below. You can also "tap that yellow button" and subscribe to his videos here.

Limerick Locals Final (September 4)

Scrap Dragon: Extra Deck Superstar!

The Extra Deck can be just as important to a Duelist as their Main Deck these days, and there are several monsters that often wind up there, no matter what Deck you’re using. Cards like Stardust Dragon, Black Rose Dragon, Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier and Mist Wurm can go into any Duelist’s Extra Deck because of their powerful effects and non-specific Synchro Material requirements. Scrap Dragon from Duelist Revolution is quickly becoming another card on that list. Here are some good reasons why that is.