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2 articles worth reading.

Here's 2 articles that you may be interested in reading, from Matt Peddle and Jason Grabher-Meyer. Both are former metagame.com writers and have also contributed to Konami's official Strategy Site (Matt was there in the beginning, Jason's there now). These articles are for the more competitive minded out there so if you're looking for some last-minute tips before this weekend's events, be sure to head to the links below.

Consistency over Power - Matt Peddle
Without Rescue Cat X-Saber can still make some of those amazing plays. I've witnessed one player destroy every card on his opponent's side of the field, discard every card from his opponent's hand and search five times in the end phase for XX-Saber Darksoul effects. The difference is that you have to combine your cards just right and at the right time. This means that X-Sabers have gone from an overpowered deck that anyone could win with to a strong deck that needs a good pilot to be successful. This is why we've seen X-Sabers take up less of a percentage of the top decklists than the previous format. Also the players who've done well with the deck are all above-average players.

Mid-Format Misplay Menagerie! - Jason Grabher-Meyer
I can't count the number of times I've seen a YCS competitor activate Duality, grab a card that winds up being irrelevant that turn, and then make a successful attack with a Gladiator, Shura, or Firedog. It's painful to watch a deck do what it's designed to do, and then gain absolutely nothing from that success simply because the deck's pilot played Duality earlier than he should have. It's all about options: play Duality first thing in a turn when it expands your potential plays, and hold back on it when it could limit you from making important moves. A little thought on a case-by-case basis will help you unlock the true power of this incredible Spell Card.