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Guest writers at The Irish Duelist!

The Irish Duelist started off as a humble Yu-Gi-Oh! blog to keep the flow of work going at university, but has since become the stepping stone for me to work with high profile companies like Konami (and Konami Europe) and see the world as part of their European coverage team. Many people have asked me how to get into a similar position and now I'm giving some of these writers some much-needed exposure to help them along their way.

Steven Parkes (center) and Gehan Amaranayake (left) are 2 Duelists and writers I know from the UK, and they were featured in the tournament coverage for YCS Milan last week. Both have had experience writing before for a few magazines and websites, but are eager to do more and take it to the next level.

You'll find guest articles here on The Irish Duelist under the 'Guest Writers' tab on the right, with the writer of each article displayed at the top. Gehan's articles are written under the name 'The Suntan Superman' and Steven's are under the guise of 'NeonPix'. If you're interested in writing for The Irish Duelist, feel free to contact me via a private message facebook, Pojo or DuelistGroundz and we'll make it happen!